Posted by: Jom Naik Bas! | 5 August 2009

Jom Naik Alisan Express!

I had planned to take Eltabina Express’ new double-decker coach to Kuala Lumpur. But I was informed that the coach will not be in service on the intended day of departure, so I had to engage on my backup plans. I had shortlisted Konsortium Express (KBES), Grassland Express and Alisan Express, on top of Eltabina Express. I decided upon Alisan since tickets are still available and especially because of their new daily ‘executive class’ service utilising their similarly brand new high-decker coach.

The ticketing office at Golden Mile Complex.

The ticketing office at Golden Mile Complex. This office has since been closed.

JLK8899 at Golden Mile Complex, Singapore.

JLK8899 at Golden Mile Complex, Singapore.

Alisan Express’ new executive coach service operates daily between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The coach leaves Singapore at 9.15am and is scheduled to arrive at Kuala Lumpur and Penang at 2.30pm and 7.00pm respectively. The return trip will leave Penang for Singapore at 11pm. The service will call at Golden Mile Complex in Singapore, Puduraya Terminal in Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Nibong Terminal in Penang. One-way ticket for adults starts at SG$35. No fuel surcharge will be included. Only a single coach is utilised for the service, JLK8899, which was assembled by QBC Coachbuilders on the Nissan JA452S chassis. Interestingly, the coach is operating under a permit by KKKL Express. It seats a total of 18 passengers in a ‘2+1′ configuration. Audio and video entertainment are shown on the tv monitors placed at every seat. However, massaging functions are not available. Meals and drinks are also not served onboard.


The coach permit information box.

The coach permit information box.

Saloon view from the front.

Saloon view from the front.

Saloon view from the rear.

Saloon view from the rear.

On the day of departure, I reached the ticketing office for checkin at 8.30am, as told by the ticketing officer earlier on. To my dismay, the office was still closed. There were 2 other passengers waiting when I arrived. The office was only opened just 20 minutes prior to the departure. In all, only 5 passengers will be travelling on the trip. At precisely 9.15am, JLK8899 left Golden Mile Complex. It made a brief stop along Jalan Sultan to pick up another passenger. As the service is a direct service to Kuala Lumpur, it will call at Tuas Checkpoint and the SecondLink before proceeding on the North-South Highway. While making its way along the Ayer Rajah Expressway, the second driver asked around if anyone would like a stopover at Yong Peng for breakfast. The passengers unanimously opted against it, since there are only a handful of us. Instead, we chose for the driver to head straight to Kuala Lumpur, and reach earlier than scheduled.

The single seat.

The single seat.

The double seat.

The double seat.

The bus reached the Malaysian immigration complex around an hour after we left Singapore. After the immigration clearance, the crew again asked around if anyone would like to grab something to eat at the Gelang Patah Rest Area before proceeding to Kuala Lumpur. Again, the passengers unanimously decided for the bus to proceed without any stops. The crew then went to each passenger and switched on the tv sets for the passengers.

The electronic buttons for the seats reclining functions.

The electronic buttons for the seat's reclining functions.

A fully-reclined seat.

A fully-reclined seat.

A large 12-inch monitor is placed at the back of the snoozer-styled seats. Passengers can choose from a wide selection of entertainment programmes ranging from movies, animation and audio tracks. A headphone with an integrated audio control system is also provided. The bus performed above my expectations. Unlike the conventional Japanese chassis usually operated by express buses, the JA452S is built integrated with an air suspension system. This provides a smooth ride while cruising on the highway. The engine is also noticeably quieter than normal Nissan buses. Added with the cool air-conditioning system, the journey seems almost perfect.

The individual tv monitors.

The individual tv monitors.

The menu page pf the entertainment system.

The menu page pf the entertainment system.

The bus made a refuelling stop at the Ayer Keroh Utara Rest Area at around 12.25pm. The passengers took this chance for a much-needed toilet break as well to grab something to eat for the rest of the journey. After the 15 minutes refuelling stop, the bus continued its journey on the North-South Highway. Even with the wet and hazy weather, the experienced driver skillfully drove the bus with almost no jerks and notable discomfort. The bus finally reached Sungai Besi Toll Plaza slightly more than an hour after we left Ayer Keroh Utara Rest Area. Like what I expected, we experienced a massive traffic congestion soon after leaving the toll plaza. The bus reached Puduraya Bus Terminal some one hour later. This was more than twice as long as the normal time taken. We finally disembarked at 2.40pm, with only one passenger continuing his journey northwards to Penang.

The small staircase at the entrance.

The small staircase at the entrance.

The nice and striking upholstery lining the roof of the interior.

The nice and striking upholstery lining the roof of the interior.

Blankets are also provided for the passengers.

Blankets are also provided for the passengers.

I am particularly impressed with the performance of the bus. Nissan has certainly come a long way and proven itself as a reliable express bus manufacturer. The bodywork is not that eyecatching, but certainly it is something to mention about – decent, nice-finishing and hardly any rattles. At a low price of only SG$35, it is more than worth the price paid for. The programmes shown on the entertainment system was also not a disappointment. I was kept busy choosing a movie, since there are so many to choose from. And if not for the massive traffic congestion, the bus would have made it earlier to Kuala Lumpur. Alisan Express may soon be another operator to look out for.

I’m happy to give Alisan Express 3.5 stars.

Contact details:

Alisan Express & Services Pte Ltd
5001 Beach Road
#01-15A Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588

Tel : 6292 2112

Alisan Golden Coach Express
371 Beach Road
#01-25 Key Point
Singapore 199597

Tel : 6392 3623

Website :

Update as of 24th December 2009: This high-decker executive bus (JLK8899) has since ceased to operate for Alisan Express. Jom Naik Bas! understands that the bus has been returned to KKKL Express and is now operating on the Klang – Kuala Lumpur – Hatyai service.

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  1. Shark, I think this bus is a Hi-deck coach than a double decker. We have similar coaches here in Aust as well. Good review, mate :)

    Windy.K. 2009.

  2. sahak best ker naik hideck mek jah tu…????

  3. ooo…gini ropernye bus hi-deck… that means the luggage compartment are larger than the conventional single deck I right??

  4. you must have done alot of travelling recently!

  5. Yes bro, it is a high-deck coach. Thanks dude! :)

  6. Best ah!

  7. Larger, but not really that significant.

  8. Indeed I have. Look out for my new reviews happening in the coming months.

  9. syarikat bas alisan x rase rugi ke beli bas high deck bcoz better bli double decker..boleh carry ramai passenger..

  10. Eh… the number is no longer in use… so fast close down liao ah

  11. Hi Vanessa.

    You may try calling the following numbers instead:

    – 6292 2112
    – 6392 3623

  12. Hey pal, this is not the original Alisan Express, can’t you see the name is City Line Tours? They just use the ex-coy chinese name to ‘keep’ the ex-coy’s customers. You want to find the original Alisan, is only a few outlets away, next to Transtar, and UOB ATM.

  13. They actually consolidated their operations, and closed down the City Line Tours. In fact, the address that I stated is the ‘original’ Alisan Express ticketing office at Golden Mile Complex.

    In this case, the closure of City Line Tours were not publicised, and at the same time, were not updated on this blog as well.

    I have updated the contact details so as to avoid any further confusion.

    Thank you.

  14. for all ur info…
    this is the KKKL coach plying hadyai route right now..

    this coach already change the name to KKKL..

  15. hye saye nak tnye bas ini pergi tak alor star??bas dua tingkat…..dam tiga org tulis harga sekali???!!!

  16. Hie…. Ni bus ada g Hatyai dari S’pore..??? Tiket harga brape..???? Berangkat kul Brape..????

  17. Hi Md Hafiz.

    Bas ini sekarang beroperasi antara Kuala Lumpur dan Hatyai sahaja. Ia telah dikembalikan ke pemiliknya, KKKL Express.

  18. yup…only KL to HATYAI..
    very comfort owwhh

  19. hey, since this bus has since ceased to operate on the SG->Genting line, what bus is alisan using than?

  20. Hi jack.

    The service routing featured in this review is the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh-Penang route. Do stay tune on Jom Naik Bas! as we bring you an update on this service very soon. Thank you.

  21. thks for the prompt reply, i may be using their services soon for my trip up to genting. So would like to know the type of coaches they are using now. Would be glad if you could give me some info if you have. Thx!

  22. Hie… Saya nk tahu tentang Bas Express dari S’pore ke Hatyai… Saya cuma naik Konsortium Express ke Hatyai dari Spore… Any recommendations ttg other Express Coach..?? Golden Diamond ada g Hatyai kan..?? I need a bus yg Comfy & Selamat… Sekian, Trima Kaseh…

  23. Hi Hafiz.

    Golden Diamond mengendalikan satu khidmat harian ke Hatyai pada jam 7 malam menggunakan bas dua tingkat. Tiket boleh dibeli dari pejabat Five Stars Tours di Golden Mile. Harga sekitar S$45. Selain itu, Sri Maju dan Golden Coach juga mengendalikan khidmat harian ke Hatyai.

  24. Hmm…. Golden Coach Alisan ker..??? Tapi, bagaimana dgn keselesaan tempat duduk penumpang..??? Saya pernah naik bas Konsortium JLB 7111 dan saya amat selesa dgn tempat duduknye.. Bt, what about other Express Coach.??

  25. Betul, Alisan Golden Coach Express. Bas dua tingkat Golden Diamond dilengkapi dengan sistem hiburan peribadi manakala bas-bas yang lain adalah jenis Super VIP.

  26. so, u mean, dlm perjalanan dari S’pore ke Hatyai, we gt personal entertainment system mcm Transtar Solitaire, etc..??? wif the price of SGD 45+..??? Hmm… Sound like a VERY GOOD Deal..!!!!

  27. ada tak bas dari KL ke Hadyai?? i mean bas Alisan Golden Coach Express. Bas dua tingkat Golden Diamond dilengkapi dengan sistem hiburan peribadi

  28. berapa kos tambang dari KL-HadYai dgn menaiki Alisan Golden Coach Express. Bas dua tingkat Golden Diamond dilengkapi dengan sistem hiburan peribadi…..sure perjalanan menghiburkan….

  29. Hi Muhd Nasir.

    Mengikut maklumat yang kami ada, Alisan Golden Coach mempunyai satu trip harian ke Hatyai pada sebelah pagi menggunakan bas dua tingkat. Tapi kami belum mendapat kepastian atau pengesahan jika bas yang digunakan ialah bas Golden Diamond.

  30. For u all info, Alisan Express updated contact : Tel: 62922112 Fax: 62922693

    Address: Golden Mile Complex Beach Road #01-14

    They are operated daily coach services from Singapore to KL, Genting, Ipoh, Taiping, Hatyai etc.


  32. The bus is very good but the driver is very lazy. They always transfer the customer to other old & smelly bus if they don’t want to got your destination. Beware to this kind of bulshit Alisan bus driver!!

  33. I bought Alisan for my wife for SG > Ipoh trip during Vesak long weekend period. I had no other choice to get Alisan due to tickets have already been soldout few weeks ago for other operators.

    My wife just called me that they had been transferring 3 times during that trip alone… what kind of service is this?

    Please boycott Alisan.. they should have let us know when getting the tickets if such thing happens.

  34. Yes we all must boycott or ban ALISAN EXPRESS. They don’t have ethics in their services. They simply transfer the passenger to make their work easy. Just imagine if a mother and two or three kids force to transfer the bus with a lot of bags. This kind of company must be wipe out from the public transportation industry!!!

  35. Alisan is fcked! The boss had ran away to malaysia with all the money and he is not coming back. Police had justed raid the office a few days back. I got they catch the bastard who had ran away with the money and destroyed so many customer’s holiday.

  36. Dear customer To avoid confusion, Alisan Golden Coach (M) Sdn Bhd (at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Golden Coach Express Service Pte Ltd (at Keypoint, Singapore) are not same company with ALISAN EXPRESS & TOUR PTE. LTD.(AT BEACH ROAD)

  37. Based on my understanding:

    Alisan Express & Tours Pte Ltd (Golden Mile Complex one) is an agent who don’t own any buses. So what they do is to rent the whole bus and sell the tickets at HIGH PRICE ESPECIALLY DURING PEAK SEASON (I hrd some foreigners bought the ticket @ S$100/ticket for SIN-KL trip during Xmas last year).

    The incident with them really hurt the name of other bus companies who rented the bus to them (Golden Diamond, Alisan Golden Coach (M) etc). Unlucky for them to have rented the bus to this shit agent…

    P/S: Personally i like the Golden Diamond and Alisan Golden Coach buses because they are nice and comfortable, hope their buses continue to come here so i can still take it in the future..

  38. Hello
    I have a ticket from KL to Singapore leaving 1900 from Mont Kiara on Odyssey this Thursday Sept 9. Due to last minute changes, I could not make the trip. Anyone interested to take over from me??.
    Please call me at 013-8582168.

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