Posted by: Jom Naik Bas! | 31 August 2009

New Intercity Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur

A rendition of the Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal at night which is due for completion by end-2010.

A rendition of the Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal at night which is due for completion by end-2010.

A new intercity bus terminal complex is currently under construction at Bandar Tasik Selatan, located at the fringes of Kuala Lumpur. The bus terminal, slated for opening towards the end of 2010, will cater for intercity express buses heading to the south. The opening of the Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal (ITT-BTS) will help to alleviate the infamous congestion at Kuala Lumpur’s biggest transportation hub, Hentian Puduraya.

ITT-BTS will be linked to three train stations in the vicinity, namely KLIA Transit, KTM Komuter and the Ampang LRT Line. The terminal will also be accessible via a road linking to the nearby Besraya Highway and the Middle Ring Road Two Highway. Facilities for the disabled will also be provided throughout the six-floor terminal. A total of 100 parking bays will be provided for buses, complete with a system to track the arrival of buses.

When initially planned, the ITT-BTS will only serve southbound services, but a new plan was announced this year which will see services to the North and East Coast be relocated to the new complex as well when completed. However the new plans were seen to be unpractical and subsequently scrapped. It is however not known at this stage if buses to and from Singapore will be relocated also.

In tandem with the construction of ITT-BTS, a temporary bus depot/park is also being built near Hentian Puduraya. Designed as a holding area for buses to park before proceeding to Puduraya to pick-up passengers, the depot’s development will be built in two phases for completion by January 2010. As many as 135 bus parking lots will be available when fully completed. The depot will come complete with facilities like toilets, prayer and changing rooms, rooms for bus drivers to rest, cars and motorcyle parking lots and even a round-the-clock security personnel, who will be stationed there to prevent any unauthorised vehicles from parking within the depot.

Bus services to the North and East Coast will not be left out in the relocation plans. The government has proposed that two other Integrated Transportation Terminal will be built at Gombak (eastbound services) and Selayang (northbound services). The two proposed ITT will replace the existing Jalan Duta Terminal, Pekeliling Terminal and Putra Terminal.

Jom Naik Bas! comments:

Certainly a good step to improve the situation at Puduraya. Hopefully the new terminal will serve as a benchmark for similar developments in the future and improve the intercity bus network generally. I wonder if Singapore has any new plans for an intercity bus terminal. It’s just plain messy that express buses to Malaysia are scattered all over the island. Hopefully, the Express Bus Agencies Association (EBAA) can work out with the relevant authorities on its vision for a similar development in Singapore.

The impressive Intercity Bus Terminal in Ankara. Will we ever see a similar concept right here in Singapore?

The impressive Intercity Bus Terminal in Ankara, Turkey. Will we ever see a similar concept right here in Singapore?

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  1. I think it’s hard, given the priority has always been given to rail and sea in terms of land transportation.

  2. i m fifth year student of architecture.right now i doing my thesis on bus can u help me to know more about this terminal for my case studies.

  3. Hi admin,really need ur help or others who may know about how to rent a shop lot at ITT-BTS..I would like to open food/beverage kiosk..could anybody give me some info to whom should i contact..tq

  4. saya selalu naik bas KKKL ke batu pahat..service cukup bagus…walaupun tertinggal bas, kakitangan KKKL sanggup menghantar saya menaiki kereta dan mghantar saya ke bas..driver dan kakitangan cukup prihatin kepada penumpang…congratz KKKL..

  5. Does anyone have information if the new Bandar Tasik Selatan bus station is fully open

  6. Hi Sue.

    Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan is now fully operational for southern operations from Kuala Lumpur to destinations such as Melaka, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

  7. Thanks, do you also have a list of coach companies operating from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

  8. Malaysia has loads n loads n loads of land..singapore we have limited land to built ths type of terminal..even our mrt now thy r planning to do it underground..n just look at t new flats that thy built everthing si so skyscaper..wonder is it enough for our children since more n more visitor residing here..its getting crampier n crampier…so the last resort we move our butt to where our ancestor, grandparents n parents come from….

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