Posted by: Jom Naik Bas! | 17 October 2009

Jom Naik Bas to Malaysia!

The Express & Excursion Bus Association or EEBA of Singapore is lobbying for a permanent interstate bus terminal here in Singapore. The one-stop terminal will cater to all express buses, which will definitely be a boon to passengers as currently, buses to Malaysia departs from practically everywhere in Singapore. In Part 2 of Jom Naik Bas to Malaysia!, Jom Naik Bas! brings you a list of departure points for express buses to Malaysia. (Correct as of May 26th 2014)

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  1. My friend said all coaches will shift to boon lay end of next year.Is it true?Any idea?

  2. Hi Lydia.

    There were rumours making its round that the temporary Boon Lay bus interchange will be converted to an interstatebus express terminal. However, there are no official confirmation by the authorities yet. So I suggest we don’t put hopes that it will materialise, at least for now.

  3. tolong bagi sy info tentang jadual perjalanan bas dari klang sentral ke batu pahat,johor

  4. harap dpt response as soon as possible..thanks.

  5. Hi Sharifah.

    Transnasional ada menyediakan khidmat bas ekspres antara Klang Sentral dan Batu Pahat. Anda juga boleh menempah tiket secara online di

  6. Hello….
    It’s there any services from J.B to Kuala Selangor? urgently need some suggestion since i’ve to travel every week to meet my wife there. Before this i used to unboard at klang sentral whereears my wife has to drive 40km.

  7. Hi, is there any bus travel from terminal bersepadu selatan / bukit jalil to Seremban Terminal 1? thanks.

  8. Hi, harap dapat bagi info perjalanan bas dari Karak ke Kuala Kubu Bharu atau Karak – Genting Highland dgn kadar segera. Terima kasih.

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