Posted by: Jom Naik Bas! | 26 May 2010

Skybus to launch new route from LCCT

One of the major bus service provider to and from the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will be launching a new route to 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Skybus will launch the new service on Thursday, 27th May 2010. 7 return trips will be provided daily, with the first bus leaving both points at 9am and the last bus departing at 9pm. A typical one-way journey is estimated to take up to 75 minutes. Tickets on the new service will be priced at RM15, considerably higher than the KL Sentral shuttle. All trips will be served on the new 40-seater Hino Rk1JSKA assembled by Master-Defence Technologies (MasDef).

Skybus is the first and largest operator of shuttle buses between LCCT and KL Sentral. With tickets selling for a low price of only RM9 per way per passenger, it operates up to 38 return trips with frequencies between 15 minutes and an hour. Click on the following links for the latest schedules:

For other information, log on to their website at

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  1. Hi Jom Naik Bas,

    Thanks for a very informative & thorough site – I really appreciate it.

    Here’s my transportation need:

    1) I have a Monday morning 8:10am Air Asia flight at LCCT to catch.

    2) I will be coming up from Singapore the night before on a night bus.

    3) I’d prefer to take a bus from S’pore –> Seremban and find a bus from Seremban Terminal One to LCCT. I understand Cityliner runs this service but the first bus is not till 6am, which may be a little too late.

    4) Or I can go from Seremban to Nilai on KTM Komuter and catch the Omnibus Sepang to LCCT. However, the first train or bus only starts around 530….again, a little too close for my liking.

    5) I could go S’pore to KL and catch the Air Asia Star Shuttle bus from Sentral – but I understand no buses from S’pore go straight to Sentral, so I have to make my way from Bukit Jalil or Pasar Rakyat to Sentral. I’m also on a budget so cabs are out.

    6) What’s the best option for me??? Problem is, all of the Seremban-LCCT options start too late for me….unless you know of something else.


  2. Take the bus from JB larkin to malacca in late evening, then from malacca, take direct bus “transnasional bus” to LCCT. U can choose the schedule 12.15am or 5.00am, it takes around 1.5 hours from malacca to LCCT

  3. any bus from gemencheh,seremban to lcct terminal

  4. Hi veenie.

    There are no bus services between LCCT and Seremban/Gemencheh.

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