Posted by: Jom Naik Bas! | 26 July 2010

Jom Naik Bas! Special: The all-new Mahligai Prestige

When it comes to travelling to Kelantan on the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, several names will come to mind. Commuters are spoilt for choice for there are at least 10 different operators to choose from! And you thought that the Kuala Lumpur-Kelantan routes are low in demand, even during the low season? Not exactly. Together, these companies operates close to 50 trips on a typical low season weekend! The operators include Cekap Ekspres, Darulnaim Ekspres, Durian Burung Ekspres, Ekspres eBudaya, Konsortium Bas Ekspres, Konsortium eMutiara, Mahligai Ekspres, Mesra Liner, Ekspres Perdana, Sani Express, Shamisha Express, Sutera Ekspres and of course, Transnasional.

These operators are constantly competing with one another, each rolling out their new buses every now and then. From the usual single-decks, to the high-capacity Skyview double-decks, you can find almost any type of bus on this highly-lucrative sector. As passenger numbers crept up annually, coupled with a similar increase of affluent commuters, the operators are not resting on their laurels and are determined to win the passenger’s loyalty with their own unique product.

One such operator is Mahligai Ekspres, a major player in express coach services from Kelantan to the capital. From a fleet of single-decks, the company has grown so much in years and became one of the first to operate high-capacity double-deckers to Kelantan. Dubbed Mahligai Special, each of the double-deckers are able to accommodate as many as 61 passengers in an economy ‘2+2′ seating layout.

Just months ago, Mahligai Ekspres launched a new product in their fleet – the Mahligai Prestige. The Prestige double-deckers will be a completely new product as these buses are configured in a Super-VIP ‘2+1′ seating configuration, a first for Mahligai Ekspres. 6 Prestige double-deckers were rolled out within days of each other and subsequently put into service on some of the routes plying Kota Bharu to points in Klang Valley. Assembled by Sksbus Coachbuilders on their hugely popular e128d double-deck bodywork, the upper and lower deck saloons were meticulously crafted to comfortably accommodate 45 passengers, and even comes complete with a sleeping compartment for drivers to have a shuteye. Ekspres Mahligai is a loyal customer of MAN and is no surprise that the Prestige coaches are built on the MAN 24.400 chassis, equipped with a whopping 400-horsepower engine that can easily climb the mountainous terrain of the Titiwangsa range.

WTL3333, WTT3333, AHD3333, CCP3333, MBX3333 and KV3333D have been rolled out into revenue service and will be joined by more Prestige double-deckers in the coming months. Recently, Jom Naik Bas! was given an exclusive photography session with AHD3333 at their depot in Gombak, Selangor. Jom Naik Bas! would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to the staff of Mahligai Ekspres who have made the session possible. Jom Naik Bas! hopes that Mahligai Ekspres will continue to upkeep their excellent performance and be a front-runner in providing top-notch services to the public.

Mahligai Ekspres Sdn Bhd

No. 3758, Jln Gombak Batu 8 3/4,
Kampung Gombak Utara,
53100 Gombak,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-6185 6033
03-4043 3655 (Hentian Putra Bus Station)


Mahligai Special

The all-new Mahligai Prestige double-decker coach


Powered by the 400-horsepower MAN 24.400 chassis.

The upper deck seats 35 passengers

And only 10 passengers on the lower deck

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  1. saya suka dengan keadaan dalam bas anda. boleh saya tahu syarat- syarat ingin bekerja sebagai pemandu ekspress perdana, mahligai, mutiara, tranasional & darul naim.

  2. Salam Muhammad Umar.

    Sila hubungi pejabat bas ekspres tersebut yang terdekat untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai jawatan kosong dan syarat untuk memohon sebagai pemandu bas ekspres.

  3. boleh tuan/puan berikan nombor talifon pejabat syarikat kesemua bas ekspress

  4. Adakah Ekspress Mahligai mempunyai tiket pergi dan balik dari Kuala Lumpur – Kota Bharu – Kuala Lumpur? Jikalau ada berapakah harganya.

  5. boleh saya tahu bas ekspress mempunyai berapa gear. adakah auto/ manual

  6. Banyak tanya lak Umar nih….Lebih lanjut,joint dulu Rapid KL.

  7. salam encik zali kalau ya pun bagi lah salam dulu. ni tak dengan salam nya tak ada. saya bukannya nak marah cuma nak beri peringatan tentang betapa pentingnya memberi salam.

  8. salam, saya sudah dapat nombor pejabat perdana & tranasional.cuma saya belum dapat nombor pejabat mutiara/mahligai & darul naim.saya ingin mendapatkan nombor tersebut dengan tuan.

  9. kenapa kaunter mahligai klang tak mesra penumpang.tak mcm kerani2 yg lama.

  10. mmg garangg … so bad mood

  11. Mahligai express sucks. Waited for 2.5hours. Schedule to depart on 21.00, now already 23.34 still waiting.bayang bas pun takda. What with traffic jam??? Nak bg alasan pun boleh jgn mlampau sgt?

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