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Transtar Cross Border – New Singapore-Johor Bahru Bus Service

In a retreat held in Singapore last May, leaders from Singapore and Malaysia had announced that bus links between Singapore and Johor Bahru will be doubled, with a further 8 bus services to be launched from both sides. Each side will introduce 4 additional scheduled cross-border bus services, between Larkin and Pasar Bakti (Kotaraya II) and Yishun, Boon Lay, Changi Airport as well as the 2 integrated resorts. Come this Friday, 3rd September 2010, the first 2 of these new bus services will be rolled out from Singapore. Transtar Travel, a prominent express coach operator, will launch the services, dubbed Cross Border, from Changi Airport and Resorts World Sentosa.

TS1 – Changi Airport to Kotaraya II Terminal

Operated with a fleet of 24-seater Toyota Coaster Super LWB and Mitsubishi Rosa minibuses, this service will be the first to link Singapore’s Changi Airport with Johor Bahru, a route previously disapproved by Singapore authorities. The service will call at 5 stops along its route, which will ply Tampines and Seletar Expressways. The 5 stops are located at:

  • Blk 253/Compassvale LRT (Compassvale St/northbound route)
  • Blk 102C (Punggol Road/southbound route)
  • Jalan Kayu (Seletar Camp Gate)
  • Sembawang Road (Nee Soon Camp)
  • Woodlands Ave 5 (Woodlands Civic Centre)
  • Woodlands Ave 3 (Marsiling MRT Station)

In addition to these 5 stops, the service will also call at Terminals 1, 2, 3, and the Budget Terminal at Changi Airport, as well as Woodlands and Johor Bahru Checkpoint/CIQ Complex. It will terminate at Kotaraya II Terminal, otherwise known as Terminal Pasar Bakti by the locals. One-way fares from Changi Airport to JB is S$7 for adults and S$3.50 for children. From JB, adults will pay RM7 whereas children will pay RM3.50. Fares are set at between S$3-S$5 for adults and between S$1.50-S$3 for children for any trips starting at the other stops in Singapore. Payment can be made using ezLink card or with cash. First bus leaves Changi Airport for JB at 6.50am, JB for Changi Airport at 5am with the last departures at Changi Airport and Kotaraya II scheduled at 11.50pm and 10pm respectively. Frequency is set at every 60 minutes.

Schedules and Fare Table

TS8 – Resorts World Sentosa to Kotaraya II Terminal

Cross Border service TS8 will make history as the first double-decker bus service to ply between Singapore and Johor Bahru. 4 buses are deployed comprising of 2 former Premium double-deckers, PC88S and PC99K, a former First Class Solitaire, PC3L and PC888A, a former Executive high-decker coach. With the exception of PC888A, all buses have been re-configured to a ‘2+2′ seating arrangement with fabric-cushion seats on the upper deck and plastic bucket seats on the lower deck. The service will also call at several stops along its route, such as Outram, Orchard and Dunearn. The exact stops are:

  • Cantonment Link (KTM Railway Station)
  • Keppel Road PSA Gate 1 (Opposite Customs Port Branch HQ)
  • Outram Road (Outram Park MRT Station/Singapore General Hospital)
  • Zion Road/Kim Seng Road (Great World City)
  • Scotts Road (Thong Teck Building)
  • Paterson Road (Opposite Patterson Lodge)
  • Stevens Road (Metro YMCA)
  • Whitley Road (Raffles Town Club/Tanglin Community Club)
  • Woodlands Checkpoint
  • Johor Bahru Checkpoint

The service will also terminate at Kotaraya II Terminal in Johor Bahru, located near Plaza Kotaraya and the popular local hangout, City Square. Fares are set lower, at S$5 for adults from RWS to JB, and S$2.50 for children. From JB, adults will pay RM5 and children, RM2.50. For boarding at the other points along the route, adults can expect to pay between S$3-S$4, whereas child fares are between S$1.50-S$2. Passengers can choose to pay using their ezLink cards or with cash. From RWS, the first bus will leave at 8am with the last at 1am the next day, and extended till 2am on Saturdays. From Kotaraya II Terminal, the first bus departs at 5.45am and the last bus at 10.45pm. Service TS8 will run at a frequency of every 30-60 minutes.

For a detailed estimated arrival times at each stop and fare table, please click on the following:

Jom Naik Bas! is pleased and delighted with the introduction of these 2 services, as it will provide commuters with alternatives to the existing cross-border bus services. Furthermore, the services will call at new stops which previously did not have a direct connection to Johor Bahru. With fares at an affordable S$5-S$7, we can foresee these services to be a popular alternative for Singaporeans to make a short trip to JB, and for Malaysians to do the same to Singapore. Fancy a double-decker bus ride to JB? Hop on then when the services begins operations on Friday.

Jom Naik Bas! would like to thank Mr Elson Yap, Managing Director of Transtar Travel, Mr Sebastian Yap, Managing Director of Regent Star Travel, Mr Bill Quek, Station Master and all staff and crew of Transtar/Regent Star Travel who have rendered us assistance on their new Cross Border services. For more information, please call Transtar Travel at tel: 6295 9009 / 6297 9009, or log on to

Additional information:

Q. Will the bus wait for all passengers at the checkpoints, or will it just move off after say 5-10 minutes? A. The bus will leave as per scheduled timings.

Q. If a passenger who wish to travel from Changi Airport to Woodlands, will he be able to board TS1 as well? In other words, boarding and alighting activities are allowed at all stops in the domestic leg of the journey? If yes, is there a separate fare for these type of journeys?
A. Yes, the passengers will be able to board TS1. Transtar Cross Border operations are similar to that of the public bus services. The buses will stop at all designated stops for boarding and alighting activities. However, a flat fee is charged upon boarding irregardless of where the passengers will alight.

Q. Where at Changi Airport can the passengers board service TS1? Eg. Basement Bus Terminal/Departure Hall/Coach Bay etc?
A. Passengers can wait to board our service at the Coach Bay. The parking lots have been demarcated accordingly in all 3 main terminals, excluding Budget Terminal.

Q. Are standing permitted on board the buses?
A. Standing on the TS1 buses is prohibited. Standees are permitted on buses serving service TS8.

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  1. It’s a good service. We from JB no need to take MRT anymore…and the time can be shorten…

  2. I like the new service from JB to Changi Airport.

  3. Very good service, dunneed to ask my wife send me to Changi airport, if the dept. from Changi airport to JB can make it at 1.00am is better. Tks.

  4. Hi, Samuel here.
    I took your bus yesterday from Malaysia ICQ to Singapore Changi Airport.

    May I suggest that the bus also stop at Tampines in furture?

    This is because, there are some residents like myself that are living in Tampines.
    Therefore, it will be better if the bus stop there.


  5. It would be much better if the Service from Changi Airport ends at Larkin instead of Kota Raya II. Will definitely better response.

  6. where is the exact pick up point in cantonment link.

  7. Hi Kmariah.

    There is only one bus-stop that is situated along Cantonment Link. For your reference, this bus-stop is also served by SMRT Buses Services 75 (to Bukit Panjang) and 167 (to Bukit Merah), and SBS Transit Service 196 (to Clementi).

    Bus-stop code: 05631/B01 Cantonment Link – Blk 16

  8. possible to call any number to check if you bus have left custom or not yet arrive. cos some time bus might be delay of the jam

  9. Hi wendy.

    Transtar’s staffs are stationed at the checkpoints near the boarding berths. You may approach them and enquire if your bus has left or if there are delays affecting the services.

  10. if i wanna go to sims ave which bus i have to take from johor custom?

  11. Hi Helen.

    You may board the Singapore-Johor Express or Causeway Link CW2 that goes straight to Queen St Terminal in the city. Upon alighting, you may choose to take the MRT and alight at either Aljunied, Paya Lebar or Eunos stations (depending on which part of Sims Ave you are heading as these three stations served the whole stretch of Sims Ave), or public buses along Victoria Street which is just outside Queen Street Terminal.

  12. transtar services from Sentosa to JB is sucks! Yesterday I wait at Outram Park there, infront of SGH for the bus from 7pm to 8:30pm but i can’t get any! Based on the schedule they gave me, it should have bus at 7:15pm, 7:45pm and 8:15pm, where this 3 buses gone? Try to called the hotline but can’t reach through!!!

  13. do we have to go to the stop (i.e Kotaraya II) and but the ticket over there or is there any pre booking are allowed?

  14. Hi E.G.

    Tickets can only be purchased upon boarding. Pre-bookings through other means are not available for the Cross Border services.

  15. At the Check point (M’sia / Spore), we need to get our passport checked. Afterwhich, will we go back to the same bus? or any one with a ticket can just board the bus??

  16. Hi Fyzal.

    All passengers will board the same bus again. A Transtar staff will be onboard to check your tickets.

  17. Hi. Is there any documents needed to show other than passport?

  18. forget to ask : where we have to be checked by immigration?

  19. Hi Atikah.

    Your queries seemed quite vague but we’ll try to answer them nevertheless.

    At the immigration clearance, you will follow standard immigration procedures at the checkpoints. When boarding the bus, you will only need to show your tickets for checks.

    You will be checked by the immigration at the Checkpoints.

  20. hi, nayim here… where exactly is the Kotaraya terminal II???

  21. Hi Nayim.

    Please refer to the map below on the location of Kotaraya II Terminal. The terminal is located at the old Kotaraya bus terminal (before SBS 170 were relocated to Larkin), and is within 5 mins walking distance from Plaza Kotaraya and about 10 mins from City Square. The terminal is marked red on the map attached.

    Kotaraya II Terminal, Johor Bahru.

    Image copyright Google Maps.

  22. Regarding the TS1 service…

    a) How much time is the journey on average?
    b) How crowded is the queue during morning from JB and evenings from Changi?

    Am considering taking up a job offer in Changi, and this would be excellent news to find out. Thanks guys!

  23. Hi Rajaratnam.

    a) On average, each trip will take around 2 hours from one end to the other.
    b) We have no immediate information on the loads during the peak hours.

    For more information, please visit or call 6297 9009.

  24. Hi Serene here.
    Would like to find out, from Compassvale LRT, do I wait for bus TS1 at the bus stop or near to the LRT station?

    Can I alight at the JB immigration? And when coming back to Singapore, can I board the bus TS1 from there too? Thanks

  25. Hello Jom Naik Bas!
    How come services TS1 as shown on schedule Direction 1 from SG-JB available to board from Compassvale. But, from JB-SG , as shown on schedule Direction 2, there is no Compassvale stop. Is that mean the bus will skip Compassvale coming back from JB?

  26. Hi Serene.

    Service TS1 will call at regular bus stops. You are advised to wait for the bus at the bus stop itself.

    You may choose to alight at JB Checkpoint. The standard practice that we observe is that drivers will ask the passengers if any will be alighting at JB Checkpoint or continuing the journey to KotarayaII Terminal. For the return trip back to Singapore, you are also able to board the bus at JB Checkpoint.

  27. Hi Wee.

    Service TS1 will pass through Sengkang enroute to JB, whereas towards Changi Airport, it will pass through Punggol.

  28. Hi Jom. I take the 5.30am SMRT 858 from Yishun to Changi Airport every morning and have to stand throughout the journey as it is always packed. Hope that there will be a service like TS1 as I don’t mind paying for it. Do you think it’s possible?

  29. Hi Edwin.

    Any introduction of a new bus service in Singapore is totally dependent on the initiative of the Land Transport Authority (LTA). LTA has taken over the role of a central planner of bus routes, which was previously handled by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses themselves.

  30. We plan to take the TS8 bas from JB to USS on Monday morning 21/12. We will be travelling in a group of 15 pax. Can we reserve the bus tickets to ensure we get the seats. Regards

  31. Do passengers have to alight the bus at custom checkpoints?

  32. Hi Adnan Hussein.

    1. Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to availability of seats on the next departure. Tickets on Cross Border services are not available for prior reservations.

    2. All passengers travelling on any type of buses will have to disembark at the Malaysia and Singapore CIQ checkpoints for immigration clearance.

  33. If we board at sengkang for ts1 and alight at woodlands checkpoint for customs clearance,will the bus wait for us and ensure we board back the same bus? What if there are too many people boarding at woodlands checkpoint? Will they take our seats and we have to wait an hour for the next bus?

  34. Hi Tan.

    Transtar Cross Border bus services are very similar to public bus services. As such, it is not always guaranteed that you will board the same bus again after your immigration clearance, or that the same seats will be available to you after that. You will have to wait for the next available bus should you miss the earlier one.

  35. Hi tan,

    TS1 and TS8 will wait for passengers who have bought tickets and boarded the bus prior to woodlands. Priority will be given to such passengers. Excess capacity will be sold at woodlands checkpoint.

  36. It would be great if your TS1 can pass through Pasir Ris.

  37. great if TS1 pass Pasir Ris and direct to JB CIQ pls. thanks.

  38. i’ve never visited singapore before,
    so i’m sorry for this silly question.
    so practically. if i take a bus for e.g, ts8 to sentosa island, all i need to bring is just a Malaysian Passport right? and then go through all immigration clearance there?
    any other document required beforehand?

  39. I am going to RWS from morning till evening. Where can I park my car around kota raya terminal 2 with a cheapest cost or parking area that pay only flat rate.

  40. I am going to RWS from morning till evening. Where can I park my car near to Kota Raya terminal 2 at a cheapest cost, or park area that only charge flat rate.

  41. Hi Hang Heng Kwang.

    We apologise that we do not have the information you requested.

  42. Additional stop at tampines or pasir Ris? Justify pls. Anyone???

  43. We would like to get the TS1 bus from Changi Terminal 1 to JB. We are staying at Tune Hotel JB. Does the bus go close to Tune please? New Zealand Passport sufficient for immigration clearance?

  44. Hi, we have a coupon from tigerairways and boarding the plane on this coming Wednesday. I would like to make sure is the coupon can be used for boarding the bus from JB to Sg? Is the bus route on time? Cause I don’t want to miss the plane.

  45. Hi Christine Edgecombe.

    TS1 does not pass by Tune Hotel. You would have to get a cab or another local bus from Kotaraya Terminal (TS1 terminates here) to Tune Hotel which is some 8-10 kilometres away.

    For immigration requirements when entering Malaysia, you may wish to read more at

  46. Hi Vivien.

    It’s best that you check with Tiger Airways directly on the validity of the coupon.

  47. Do the bus service already started from Larkin terminal? If they do, is the fare still RM7 to Changi Airport? Appreciate if you could reply. Thanks.

  48. Hi Yos.

    All Transtar Cross Border services departs from Kotaraya II Terminal in downtown JB. Please scroll up for a map of the terminal.

  49. yes, a free service for you if you can print out booking ticket via tigerairways

  50. I want to know, the bus will stop at which terminal in changi airport, because my flight is tiger airways, so I want to comfirm will it stop at budget terminal or not.thanks

  51. Hi I will be working in Singapore General Hospital next month. I understand that I got to buy the bus ticket daily. I am worried that I am not able to buy the tickets. Dont u sell the tickets by season??? Is your bus timing punctual because I dont want to be late for work. What is the best option for me. FYI I am working shifts. Thank you.

  52. Hi Sally, I took TS1 every morning now since I am working in Changi Airport. Yes the shuttle bus will alight at all Terminal. As matter of fact, the bus driver will ask which Terminal will you be alighting. It takes 2 hours from JB to Airport (less than 2 hours actually) include all the jam at the cosway.

    At Ruslina, I don’t think Transtar have that season bus ticket. I did asked the driver and the attendant at the JB Checkpoint. Anyway, you don’t have to worry. You can purchase the ticket at JB checkpoint like what I do every morning. Since you be working in SGH, it be easier for you since the bus will alight at Outram MRT which is opposite of SGH. Just take note that the jam is the killer…especially morning peak hour along BKE entering PIE and Stevens Road. And off cos the jam at cosway( which I think is not that bad. took half hour to clear to reach Woodland’s Checkpoint) I hope this info help! :-)

  53. Hi

    Encounter on 23.04.2011 after waiting for 45min at bustop outside KTMB Tg Pagar, waived at the coach ard 8.10am but did not stop.

    Came across yr below thread that the coach stop at Cantonment Link which I think is quite far fm the KMTB station.

    There is only one bus-stop that is situated along Cantonment Link. For your reference, this bus-stop is also served by SMRT Buses Services 75 (to Bukit Panjang) and 167 (to Bukit Merah), and SBS Transit Service 196 (to Clementi).

    Bus-stop code: 05631/B01 Cantonment Link – Blk 16

  54. Hi,

    I have the bus coupon. I wish to travel from the budget terminal to Duxton Road near Tg Pagar. Can I take the shuttle bus and how to reach there?

  55. Hi

    I wish to take TS1 from JB CIQ to Changi Airport. My question is by 6.00am I have to check in, will I be able to make it with your ‘1st trip’ leaving JB CIQ at 0525? How puntual and efficient your services have proven so far? I have experienced dissapointment with your TS8 on both ocassion.

  56. hi there!

    our final destination is KL and since there is no available bus from kotoraya to KL, i would like to know which bus to take from kotaraya II to larkin terminal. how much will it cost and how long is the travel time?


  57. Hi janedje.

    There are no bus services between Kotaraya II Terminal and Larkin Terminal.

  58. Hi Dear,
    Please will you conform of TS1 – Changi Airport to Kotaraya II Terminal bus service is still in service ? I will use it begin Juni on our trip.
    Thanks in advace and best regards to you

  59. Hi Mark.

    Service TS1 is still in operation.

  60. Service TS1 is still in operation

    Hi Jom,

    Thank you for yr quick replay. All the best ! Best rgds

  61. Hi. I’m travelling from johor into Singapore. To be exact, the Pan Pac Hotel in singapore. At which point should i alight in singapore to reach my destination.

  62. Hi Jom Naik Bus!
    i just wanna ask you.i have a car but i want to take a public transport to Singapore especially to Universal Studios Singapore. so 1st where can i park my car for safety? and then where can i get a Transtar bus is it at Kotaraya II? can you explain it to me?

  63. I am thinking of taking ts1 to the budget terminal but i’m worried that the 24 seater bus might be filled up by the time it reaches marsiling mrt.
    Anyone has any experience of travelling in the morning on TS1 6a.m bus? is it always full?
    Please advice!
    Thank You!

  64. What about luggages if I want to travel from Changi Airport to JB? My family and I will be returning from the US and will likely have a lot of luggages.

  65. hi,,sy dri sabah,,klo sy dari johor nak pergi ke singapore,,bas yang mana satu ya,,klo sya nak pergi univesal singapore? terima kasih

  66. Hi, i am going to RWS from morning till evening during a weekday.
    TS 8 Cross Border schedule and fare table do not have any fare (N/A)
    Is this service to RWS terminated ??

  67. From Kotaraya II to Changi Airport, how much does a bus ticket cost ? Couldn’t find the price in the fare table. Please advise. TQ.

  68. hi! i will take TS1 from kotaraya to changi airport terminal I on 29 oct 2011. the first bus is 5.00am as per schedule. what time the bus will arrive at the kotaraya II terminal? my flight is 9.25am. is the bus will delay or on time?

  69. how can i go to sentosa casino from JB..

  70. is the TS1 service still available in morning 5:00am?

    I will use this service for tomorrow flight with tiger airways.

  71. i worry we family of eight cant get the tickets at the counter in kotaraya cuz 28August 2011 is the peak season and the time to changi airport is at 2.15pm, so any suggestions for us?

  72. What about luggages if I want to travel from Changi Airport to JB?

    My family and I will be returning from the US and will likely have a lot of bags.

  73. I m staying at Sembawang around Nee Soon camp, it is great that TS1 services could direct me to Changi and return trip as well. I dont have to catch a taxi instead.


  74. May i know the time schedules arriving at Sembawang Nee Soon Camp in the morning? Is there any service around 10.00am?


  76. last monday 19sep took transtar cross border 5:30pm from budget terminal..At icq johor after checkpoint the coach dissapear..all the passenger took private bus to go to kotaraya terminal…

  77. To the boss/es at Transtar,

    This topic will appear at, Singapore forum

    Transtar TS1 bus did not turn up for 1625 hrs slot at JB CIQ

    Hi, a piece of information to share as stated above today= 02 Oct 2011 at Singapore time 1625 hrs

    And the frustrating thing is that the coordinator? stationed at the JB bus bay 16 is not getting any information to what happened to the bus although he tried for so long to try to call the driver ?or the company?

    It has failed to provide basic customer service. And the purpose to put someone at JB side to serve customers has failed miserably at its critical moment.

    TS1 is a bus service that ply from S’pore to JB and vice versa following a schedule.

    I understand that it can be due to many reasons that the bus did not turn up but the least the driver can do is to call up the relevant pp to relay this critical information that he will not be able to make it at the appointed time

    Nobody really will care what cause the no show at the promised time but what we need is proper information so as to decide whether to abandon the continued wait or not.

    It is really ……..

    It definitely lose me and my gang as its customers. Till it can get its objective right, that is to delight its customers with satisfactory service.

    This post will be copied to Transtar CS but whether I will get a reply back is a ?

  78. Hi,

    I just get to know about this TS1 cross border bus shuttle. I am staying at Sengkang block 291C, near to CompassVale LRT. If i would like to take the bus from block 253 Compassvale to Johor Bahru CIQ, below are my question :-

    1) Which bus stop i should wait ? Is it at the bus stop on the way to Jalan Kayu ?

    2) The suttle bus will stop at each bus stop or i need to waive the bus (just like normal public bus).

    3) Is this shuttle bus still in service.

    4) From JB CIQ, where should i board the shuttle bus back to Sengkang

    Please kindly advice

    Wai Kok

  79. HI, thanks for the great bus service and blog. Is there a bus service from Changi airport to BUtterworth (Georgetown , Penang).Thanks .

  80. Any more free service from J B to Changi Airport for Tiger Airways passenger?

  81. which is the best and fastest bus to take from JB Senai Airport to Woodland Checkpoint? And how about coming back from Singapore to JB Senai Airport, which is the nearest bus terminal or MRT station in Singapore if I stay near Block 289 E, Bukit Batok? Thank you

  82. which is the best and fastest bus to take from JB Senai Airport to Woodland Checkpoint? And how about coming back from Singapore to JB Senai Airport, which is the nearest bus terminal or MRT station in Singapore if I stay near Block 289 E, Bukit Batok? Thank you

  83. I’m going to Sentosa but not to USS. What do I need to do when I arrive at RWS to get to Imbiah lookout? Thanks

  84. This is our 1st time take bus from JB to Changi but we are so disappointed coz we had been waiting for an hour for 9 am pick up. Their timing was in-accurate. If you rushing for flight, pls don’t take this bus. The journey take 1.5 hours from JB-Changi. This has not include the jam in causeway. In the end, we didn’t take 9am bus but hop in 10 am bus. Really wasting my time.

  85. which hotel is close to the kataraya terminal thanks

  86. please tell me which hotel is close to the kataraya terminal

  87. May i know where is the waiting point for the station at civic centre? ( towards changi airport )

  88. Hello,i want to go to USS.buat i dont want to on board at kotaraya so can i be able to on board the bus at CIQ johor bahru after imigration clearance? Pay the ticket on buses.

  89. I want to know whether TranStar border only just leave at 6.50am, 11.50pm and 10pm?or every 60 minutes there are transtar service? I’ll go to johor from Changi Airport at around 10am. Can i use the transtar service to go johor at that time? then if i can, how can i get the service?by going to terminal 1,2,3 in changi?or we should book the bus previously?

  90. I nid to book the ticket wif ur company?or I jz go CIQ jb to buy the ticket wif ur company?

  91. Your TS1 is truly horrible!!! Twice the bus did not turn up… We have to wait for one hour fir every bus.. After waiting for an hour your bus actually didn’t turn up!!!! Thus can’t be happening in Singapore, you know!!! I saw the online forum so many people had commented on TS1… I will be sending an email to the press and your senior management. The journey back to Malaysia is really tiring. You guys can’t allow thus to happen. Somebody needs to do something and the media needs to know!!!

  92. This morning wait about 1hours for TS8…Why on the time no bus service ur company didn’t give the guest information about that…all the workers are late to work because of the late buses….

  93. HI,
    May i know from JB To Changi, and print out the voucher from tiger airways website, need prebook or not? in side got a PRN no is for what??


    From : Joan

  94. if i near clementi where is the place for me to take this bus?? this bus can go to larkin??

  95. Yesterday 22-Apr-2012 5.25pm, I have buy Transtar ticket S$7 from Changi to Kotaraya terminal. After JB CIQ custom, we are hurry walk toward berth 9-10, awaiting bus to our last destination to Kotaraya terminal. Total 4 persons there. BUT Very Sad that the drive never stop & directly leave JB CIQ. I did contact to Transtar office 02-62979009 nobody answer call.

  96. I am going to Jakarta using Tiger Airways flight. At which terminal of Changi Airport will I disembark the Transtar Express Bus for check-in?

  97. Hello, i want to go to Sentosa Island from JB… How long does it take to get there from JB by this bus? Thanks

  98. hello how are you .. i am saeed from lebanon i just want to ask you some questions and i hope to answer me about them .. here in lebanon say to me i need visa to go to singapore but to malaysia i dont need visa .. i just look at map and i noticed no border between malaysia and singapore !?!?
    second i will do visa to travel to singapore but the ticket to singapore so expensive , i decide travel to malaysia and then go to singapore by bus .. i will be at this ( Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia ) airport near singapore but i need take bus and go to ( singapore changi (sim) ) airport because i want to meet my fiance there she comes from australia .. i just want to say to me how long time need from this malaysia airport into singapore airport to manage my time and put good ticket on time and then how much money u need at this pick up … thank u bye

  99. If I take TS 8 from Outram MRT stand to JB CIQ Check Point, what kind of currency of bus fare and how much? Please advise.

  100. if you realize that Jom Naik Bas stops responding to any queries in early 2011. About the same time, the number of complaints started to rise.

  101. My family and I took the TS 8 last Saturday at 1215 pm from Outram SGH to JB.

    The trip to Outram to Singapore checkpoint was all right until after we came back after we had our passport chopped. To our shock, the bus was full and even people are standing. I was very puzzled and I ask the bus driver why this happens and he told me that this is a public bus and ask me not to be petty. And if I wanted a seat, I have to wait for the next bus which we have to wait for another hour. Without wanting to wait for the next bus, we had to squeeze up the bus. The thing is I am very displeased with the way he gave me the answer and tone of asking me to shut up.

    I am writing in this forum to share my experience and let people know that with the price you are going to pay at $4.00 is not worth it.
    Firstly, the bus was not what I had expected or indicated in the website: “” a double-decker bus with comfortable seat. The bus was a single deck and the seat are quite cramp (seems more than 26 seater)
    Secondly, Transtar did not preach what they indicated in their website: “” that standing is prohibited. We were even standing at the steps and cramping at the front door next to the driver.
    Thirdly, the bus driver service sucks with bad attitude. The bus driver did not give priority to the ticket holders. In the first place, he did not even check the tickets from the other passengers who board the bus.

    Anyway, you do not have to wait for their hourly scheduled bus if you are in a rush or have time limitation. I read some people feedback that it did not turn up or disappear somewhere. I would rather take MRT or SBS buses.

  102. Hi, may i know if we ride with TS1 from Changi Airport To Kotaraya Terminal II (or the other way round),is that we need to take all the luggage during at the checkpoint?Any limits for the luggage?


  103. May i know the bus is arrival at RWS? if from woodland check point to RWS, it’s takes how many min?

  104. Hi, my hubby ever took this bus from Sengkang to JB it’s really
    convenience. Is only that, the driver used to go very fast when
    approching bus-stop. There’s some incident, a group of old lady
    could’nt manage to take the bus as the driver just drove off without
    looking at the bustop. Furthermore, the signboard
    “SINGAPORE TO JB” was written too small. Hope, you cud highlight
    to the driver to drive slowly when approching the bustop and pls
    make a bigger signboard for better view. The ride is really worth of
    $ paying. Thanks

  105. Any transtar bus from bukit indah to Sentosa

  106. Hello there! i like TS8 bus from kotaraya to RWS. It’s convenient. however, i don’t know the whereabout of TS8 bus ( the location) in RWS. I’d been looking for the bus but couldn’t find the bus at the bus basement( in RWS) while i was in RWS last week. I was about to aboard the bus to get back to Kotaraya. Lastly, i had to take mrt back to JB. could you please tell me where should i wait for the bus while in RWS???

  107. I’m comfort acquisition from you, but I’m trying to achieve my goals. I utterly copulate reading all that is posted on your site.Save the tips future. I enjoyed it!

  108. Was wondering of the traffic condition at weekday afternoon. If my flight at changi is 7pm, is it advisable for me to take the bus from Johor to Singapore at 3pm? Will there be any jam?

  109. That was each exciting also as insightful! Thanks for
    sharing your views with us.

  110. It must have been a comparatively tiny amount, about 200 million euros, he said.
    Complaints about service standards in the Paphos Car Hire Airport buses which leave fairly regularly from outside the
    island, but with everything from health care reform’s passage to the properties.

  111. hi folks, we are 2 families. our flight will reach the changi airport @ 7.20 pm on 6th Monday (terminal 2). so what is the best way to catch the public transport (either bus or train) to johor bahro ?


  113. I’ve been utilise this bus services almost 2 yrs, it’s really convenience for me, thanks n i really appreciate it,BUT lately the bus shedule is sucks. It’s not ontime n worst part especially morning the 1st bus frm RWS which is at 8am didn’t turn up! Its always happened, n I’ve to wait the nxt bus which at 9 am.Really annoying n mk me pissed off.* on weekends*
    *noted they are short of few buses*, but seriously they hv to look into this matter.

  114. Firstly I’m not happy with the service lately. During the Vesak day
    your bus shedule was not in time to pick at 10pm. Your time keeper arrange pick up at RWS at 9pm & 9.30pm and did not arrange any
    pick up at 10pm. Most of the passenger are regular everyday
    passenger who pick up at Orchard. We call up your staff at RWS and
    they just inform NO BUS at this hour (JUST BECAUSE TO MANY
    PEOPLE) What kind of arrangment is that. RWS guest is important
    so do we also. We are paying everyday to sit your bus.
    Another case is always at 5pm or 6pm the old lady with colour hair,
    always like to arrange those $1.00 passenger and those with tickets
    have no place to sit and have to squeeze with those people who
    paid $1.00. Is it your company is so greedy to take that $1.00

  115. lpvigwtcikkj

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