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Jom Naik Bas! Special: Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan

(Warning! Image intensive article.)

New Year’s Day 2011 marks the beginning of a new era in the interstate express coach transportation industry in Malaysia, with the opening of the new Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan or TBS-BTS for short.

The long awaited terminal complex situated at the south of Kuala Lumpur was developed as a hub for southbound coaches. Coaches bound for places such as Johor Bahru, Melaka and Singapore will call at TBS-BTS, replacing Hentian Puduraya at the heart of the capital. TBS-BTS is the first of three such transport hubs currently being planned – one at Sungai Buloh for northbound buses and another at Gombak for eastbound buses. All three integrated transport hubs will ultimately replace existing interstate terminals across Kuala Lumpur such as Hentian Duta, Hentian Putra and Hentian Pekeliling.

Southern Integrated Terminal - Bandar Tasik Selatan

Built at a cost of RM570million (US$186million), the sprawling state-of-the-art complex is well-connected to the KTM Komuter service, the Ampang Line LRT and the KLIA Transit system via a pedestrian bridge. It has direct access to the BESRAYA (Sungai Besi Expressway) and the MRR2 (Middle Ring Road 2). Ample taxi and shuttle bus bays are available on the ground floor. Long-distance taxi service are also available at level 4 of the complex. Sited within the 6-storey complex are 2 levels of retail and F&B outlets. Confirmed tenants includes Starbucks Coffee, Kenny Rogers, Wendy’s and KFC. A range of retail shops comprising of convenience stores, fashion, lifestyle and pharmacy will also be opened.

Other amenities and facilities provided are ATM machines, prayer rooms, customer service centre, a conference room and free wi-fi.

TBS-BTS itself follows closely the concept of an airport. A centralised ticketing system, aimed at eradicating touts, are in place for all operators to make use of. Passengers will be able to choose their preferred operator with just a touch of a screen, and subsequently choose their seats. This can be done at either the manned ticketing counters or the self-service kiosk found at the concourse level. Those who have bought their tickets on the internet will need to obtain a boarding pass, which can be changed at the Boarding Pass counters. A counter exclusively for senior citizens and the disabled is also available. Operator of TBS-BTS, Maju Terminal Management and Services (TMAS) has announced that an online ticketing system for all operators at the terminal complex will be made available by the middle of this year.

Boarding and alighting activities are confined to the second level. Disembarkation activities are done at the non-airconditioned arrival platforms where passengers will proceed to the level 3 concourse using escalators. 21 departure gates lined the airconditioned Primary Departure Lounge. Ample seats and mobile kiosks are also available at the Primary Departure Lounge. Each bus will have its movement monitored upon entering the premises, and updates flashed on screens all over the complex. A holding area for buses to park and refuel are located at the southern end of the terminal complex.

Currently, only 9 operators are operating out of TBS-BTS. Many operators have yet to shift to the new complex citing ticketing and other charges as the main stumbling block. However, the authorities have announced that the temporary terminal at Bukit Jalil will be closed from 2nd February 2011, in tandem with the re-opening of Hentian Puduraya. All southbound buses will be moved to TBS-BTS after that date.

It remains to be seen if passengers and operators will embrace this new concept with open arms. They need to work closely and quickly conclude any outstanding issues that are preventing the operators to move to the complex. The fiasco pertaining to the refusal of bus operators to shift to the complex should be a lesson for all parties concerned to better improve the processes necessary in ensuring that the operations are disrupted to the minimal, and provide the general public with a world-class transport system.

Visit the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Bandar Tasik Selatan website at

Update: Authorities have pushed back the deadline for operators to shift to TBS-BTS from 2 February to 1 March.

Direct pedestrian bridge from Ampang Line LRT (leftmost tracks), KTM Komuter (middle tracks) and KLIA Transit (rightmost tracks) rail systems.

Access road from Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2).

Access road to BESRAYA Expressway.

Public taxi stand located at the ground floor outside the terminal complex.

Bays for city shuttle buses. RapidKL has yet to announce any bridging services that will call at TBS-BTS.

Taxis to other towns outside KL are located at Level 4.

Level 3 - Ticketing Concourse.

Directory panels can be found around the terminal complex.

Interactive touch screens are in place for the public to get information on the terminal complex.

Ticketing Concourse as seen from Level 4.

As many as 18 manned ticketing counters are available.

E-ticket holders can exchange for a boarding pass at these counters. An exclusive counter for Senior Citizens and the disabled is also available for their convenience.

Yet to be commissioned are these self-service kiosks where passengers can also purchase tickets.

This huge information panel makes the terminal complex feels like an airport.

These LCD monitors are placed all over the terminal complex so passengers will be updated on the buses' latest movements.

Executive Lounge exclusive for executive coach passengers. Much like the First Class lounge at the airport.

Customer Service Centre at Level 3.

Information counter at the Level 3 Ticketing Concourse.

Nasi Kandar restaurant - one of the many eateries found at TBS-BTS. Others including Wendy's, Starbucks Coffee, Kenny Rogers Roasters and KFC will open soon.


Arrival concourse.

Escalators lead arriving passengers to Level 3.

Wheelchair-accessible platform at Platform D.

Primary Departure Lounge.

Primary Departure Lounge.

Boarding gate.

Mobile kiosks at the Primary Departure Lounge, which will open soon for business.

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  1. it a very useful write up regarding the tbs with clear information good job jom naik bas

  2. Terminal ni cukup dengan kemudahan seperti kl sentral..lebih tersusun dan kemas..ruang legar yang selesa dan berhawa dingin..sepatutnya kehidupan kita perlu ada kemudahan yang tersusun dan selesa seperti ini..tiada serabut2 dan lebih efektif, lancar dan selamat.malaysia akan menuju negara maju jika rakyat berfikiran lebih maju dan bermoral tinggi

  3. Pengusaha bas yang lain perlu buka minda mereka..jangan hanya disebabkan harga caj yang lebih sikit dari asal terus tak mau pindah..ini untuk keselesaan penumpang..syarikat pengusaha bas sudah untung banyak..setakat caj yang lebih sikit untuk keselesaan pelanggan pun nak berkira

  4. Saya penumpang setia TRANSNASIONAL perjalanan JB-KL-JB ulang-alik setiap minggu dah 1 tahun.. Saya amat kecewa kerana syarikat KTB (Transnasional, Nice & Plusliner) masih tidak beroperasi di TBS-BTS sedangkan gambar promosi TBS-BTS pun ada gambar bas Plusliner & Transnasional.. Pihak TBS dah pilih KTB sebagai contoh mewakili semua syarikat Bas Ekspress tapi KTB pula disebaliknya.. Kos 1 perjalanan saya ialah RM31.20 + LRT ke Bandar Tasek Selatan RM0.70 untuk dapat khidmat Bas Bandar, Teksi, KTM Komuter & KLIA Transit.. Harapan pihak KTB dapat selesaikan masalah perpindahan ke TBS-BTS dengan segera kerana ramai penumpang setia dah beralih kepada syarikat bas lain.. Siapa yang rugi sekarang???

  5. Ini yg selalu Malaysia banggakan. Tercantik, terbesar, terhebat, hub bas mcm airport, tapi sistem teruk. perkara yang paling penting patut di utamakan. bukan bermegah2 dari segi paras rupa sahaja.

    sbg contoh, sy beli tket n kaunter suruh sy rujuk board utk tahu platform. tgk board tiada pon tulis perjalanan sy. sy minta tolong staf disitu, beliau pon terpaksa datang semula ke kaunter.

    pada hari yg lain pula, sy nak beli tiket tetapi tidak boleh. sy diminta utk beli tiket di b.Jalil. utk ape hub bharga berjuta2 tapi last2 beli dkt b.jalil juga? org dkt kaunter salahkan pengusaha bas. dah tu buat apa pamerkan juga tiket2 tu kalo tak boleh beli?

    jadi saya nasihatkan untuk sementara waktu ini, lebih baik beli tiket dan naik di bukit jalil dahulu. mmg la dkt situ panas, takde aircond. tp sementara shj. sebab yg lama masa kita sepanjang perjalanan di dlm bas. bukan di terminal bas.

    akhir kata, “satu lagi projek yg membazirkan wang rakyat”

  6. Whom May Concern,

    I need to know where can I get your Job Vacancy web site.
    I very interested to know and maybe join TBS team.

    Thank you.


    Mohd Hairi Mahat

  7. haha,look like airport~haha

  8. Is really look like air port. I’ve been there and I almost lost cos of the signboard. I’m from kl to TBS, I saw the Terminal but I need to go far for a big turn around. The signboard direction need improvement.

    Something funny happen when I ask direction from staff at the ticketing area~
    for me, better u go straight to the information counter than u get wrong direction. Cos I’ve been walking up and down at the terminal. End up at the information counter for direction~~ :(

  9. Syok tengok gambar,cantik,nak tanya ada tak bas ke Kuantan@kemaman.Kalu nak mudah lagi,post kan kat website ni…jadual perjalanan bas. TQ

  10. kalau nak ke KLIA naik LRT ke bas..berapa harga tambang…

  11. nak tanya leh tak beli tiket ke pantai timur di tbs?

  12. Pengurus TBS, harap ambil perhatian.
    1) Musollah lelaki tak sempurna. Sejadah nya kotor dan berbau busok.
    2) Bangku kayu nak pecah.
    3) Ayer di lantai tempat wuduk betakong.

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