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Double-decker bus makes a comeback on Indonesia’s roads

16 February 2011 –  an imminent historical day for Indonesia’s public transport industry.

Surakarta’s Department of Transportations was quoted by, saying that the double-decker open-top tourist bus will be rolled out just in time for the 266th anniversary of Solo City, which falls on 17 February. The bus is currently at the final stages of assembly. CV Tri Sakti Magelang was tasked to assemble the bus, believed to be built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. The bus has a height of about 4.5 metres and 2.5 metres wide, seats for 30 passengers on the lower deck and 34 on the upper deck. It will be operated exclusively for tourists and runned on a charter basis.

Bus Tingkat Datang Pada 16 Februari

– First posted on on Thursday, 10 February 2011

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Surakarta’s Department of Transportation will ensure that the double-decker tour bus will arrive in Solo on 16 February, or one day before the 266th anniversary of Solo City. The bus is currently in the final stages of assembly at Tri Sakti CV Magelang, a local motor works company.

Surakarta’s Head of the Transportation Department, Yosca Soedrajat Herman, said that the double-decker tour bus is currently 95% complete. The coachbuilder is now waiting for some parts from Brazil to arrive. “We’ve checked the bus yesterday. I think it will arrive in Surakarta on February 16, and ready to be operated subsequently,” he said.

But before operating the bus, he said, certain issues may need to be resolved with the cooperation of other agencies. There are some things that are considered operational hazards that may inhibit the double-decker bus. Among these are electrical wire cables, large tree trunks hanging in the middle of the road and billboard poles.

Design-wise, the red-coloured bus features comfortable seating. The bus reached 4.5 meters in height and 2.5 meters wide, which is about similar to other buses.

Herman added, the double-decker bus will only be available to tourists who wants to tour Solo City. Attractions that may be operated to are, among others, Keraton Surakarta, Kampung Batik Kauman and Laweyan, Mangkunegaran, Radya Museum Library and a number of other places.

However, because of the height, the bus is not expected to enter into Kampung Batik Kauman or Laweyan, and must be parked at the entrance.”For sure, double-decker bus will bring tourists to places as he wishes. However, when such limitations occur at that location, the bus must be parked outside,” he explained.

The double-decker tour bus that is aimed at the tourists will be ready for operations around February 2011. In addition, the double-decker bus will also serve to commemorate the past, due to the fact that double-decker buses are still popular with the general public. “Previously, double-decker buses served as public buses, but now it is operated as a package- or charter-based tour bus,” he concluded.

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