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Konsortium eMutiara Express – Scania K410EB

You don’t have to have expensive frills in the bus. Just paint them in eye-catching liveries to get the attention. Famous for it’s multi-coloured double-deckers, Konsortium eMutiara recently rolled out  several examples on the Scania K410EB chassis. Sadly, we missed out on DCJ7755.

Mahligai Ekspres – MAN 18.410 A82 and MAN 18.430 R39

Mahligai Ekspres operates a large fleet of MAN single-deckers, from the older chassis MAN 18.410 A82 to the newer MAN 18.430 R39s.

Sri Meranti Express – Nissan JP251S

KCS7511 pictured here is one of several ex-Pacific Express Nissan JP251s examples operated by start-up Sri Meranti Express. The operator serves most of the major towns in Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Nilai and Banting.

Golden Coach (Regent Travel) – Scania K380EB

Golden Coach Express Pte Ltd operated a limited service between Singapore and Port Dickson during the 2013 November/December school holiday season using a single Scania K380EB from Regent Travel.

Nice Imperial – Scania K420EB

Nice Coaches have introduced the new Nice Imperial service into Singapore since November 2013, with twice daily return trips between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. As of January 2014, 4 Scania K420EB double-deckers are in operation serving Penang and Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.

Ekspres Adik Beradik – Sksbus E5-325H

Terengganu-based Ekspres Adik Beradik was also among the first express bus operators to bring in the Sksbus E5 buses into their fleet. The company opted the E5-325H model (Hino P11C-UH engine, 325PS), which is a direct replacement for the Sksbus CP11-LW.

Delima Express – Sksbus E5-300H

Making its big debut to the industry in 2012 is the new E5 coach from Sksbus. Delima Express is one of the first few to operate the model and opted the E5-300H (Hino J08E engine, 300PS) for its first E5 acquisition. With the disposal of its older buses, more E5 variants can be expected in Delima’s fleet over the next few months.

Transtar Express Premium Z-Club – Nissan JA452S

Transtar Express has converted KCS6166 into a new Premium Z-Club coach. This coach was once leased to Golden Diamond and was operated on the ultra-longhaul service between Singapore and Hatyai in southern Thailand. Currently, it has no regular deployment.

Seasons Express – Nissan JA452S

Once a long time customer of TACT Coach, Seasons Express is now operating at least 2 Nissan JA452S Super VIP coaches with bodywork by Pioneer Coachbuilders. The buses are usually deployed on the Penang-Johor Bahru service.

Star Coach / Alisan Golden Coach

One operator have been seen increasing their presence in Singapore over the past few months. The Star Coach Group which subsidiaries includes Star Shuttle LCCT-Kuala Lumpur and Alisan Golden Coach are now operating its newest buses into Singapore.

Lower Perak Motor Services (LPMS) Ekspres – Sksbus CP11-LW

AHK8788 is one of two Sksbus CP11-LW integral coaches acquired by LPMS Ekspres in early 2011 for its Teluk Intan-Kuala Lumpur-Johor Bahru-Singapore service.

Grassland Express – MAN 24.400 A81

TACT Coach & Seat Manufacturing has entered into double-decker coach market with the roll-out of two such buses for Grassland Express. PKC6166 and PKF2122 are 37-seater Super-VIP class double-deckers on the MAN 24.400 A81 chassis. Both buses are regularly deployed on trips to Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur and Penang from Singapore.

Singapore-Johore Express – MAN SU283F A91

Two new units of the MAN A91 coaches were introduced recently, replacing two MAN 16.240s which has been de-registered. SH577K and SH578H are similar to the earlier SH800R, with the exception of the livery which is now in a darker shade of grey. The coaches are assembled by Link Prosper or LP Jaya.

Eltabina Express – Sksbus CP11-LW

Eltabina Express’ is the latest to operate it’s latest acquisition, the CP11-LW of Sksbus, into Singapore.

Mayang Sari Ekspres – Sksbus SA12-380HD

It looks like Sksbus new high-decker integral coach model, the SA12-380HD has gained substantial support among its long list of clients. The latest to operate the coaches is Mayang Sari Ekspres, an operator that hails from the northwestern Johor town of Muar. It has acquired 2 units which is currently deployed to the highly-competitive Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur route. The Executive-class coaches are fitted with 31 seats in a comfortable ‘2+1′ seating arrangement, exclusively on the upper deck. The lower deck serves as an oversized luggage compartment.

Transtar First Class Solitaire – Scania K124EB 420

A new First Class Solitaire double-decker coach has been introduced on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur sector. Registered AHH380, the Scania K124EB coach has similar configurations to its older siblings by Sksbus. Another coach registered AHJ380 will be rolled out for revenue service in the coming weeks. These two new First Class Solitaire coaches effectively replaces PC3L and PC5G, which were converted for the Transtar Cross Border services late last year.

Singapore-Johore Express – MAN SU283F (A91)

A brand new bus for a brand new year. Long-time operator, SJE has just introduced a new MAN SU283F coach. The 49-seater coach is assembled by Johor-based Link Prosper Coachwork, more commonly known as LP Jaya. The Euro-4 coach is the first one to be rolled out as part of SJE’s fleet renewal programme which will see a number of its current buses retired beginning 2011.

Transnasional – MAN 18.280

After seeing the potential in generating more revenue by carrying cargo, Transnasional has came up with an ingenious idea of a combi-coach that can carry both passengers and cargo. Dubbed the Skydeck, the high-decker economy-class coach was assembled by Masdef and built on the MAN 18.280 chassis. The popular Club Class seating layout is adopted for the Skydecks as positive feedback were received from passengers. Currently, the Skydecks are operating to the northern points in Malaysia such as Alor Setar, Sungai Petani and Butterworth, from Kota Bharu in the east.

City Express Cepat Sedia – Sksbus SA12-380HD (CP11-LW380)

As one of the major operator in the south of the peninsula, City Express (Cepat Sedia) is also not resting on its laurels. It has joined in the few which has opted to operate the new monocoque SA12-380 integral chassis from Sksbus. Two units are already on the roads since early this month, operating on the Johor Bahru-Penang route as well as the busy Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur service. Each coach is fitted with 31 seats in the executive ‘2+1′ seating configuration.

Super Nice Express – Sksbus SA12-380HD (CP11-LW380)

Penang-based Super Nice Express has become one of the launch customers for Sksbus newest high-decker model, the SA12-380 (CP11-LW380). The bus is part of Sksbus-built Modular Integral Chassis Series (MICS) that includes the popular CP11-LW single-deck and the brand-new DA12-380 double-decker chassis. This is the first high-decker executive coach in Super Nice Express’ fleet and two units currently serves the Penang-Butterworth-Johor Bahru. It is said that the operator has plans to extend the service to Singapore.

Five Stars Tours – Scania K124EB 420

Just in time for the year-end holiday season, Five Stars Tours has also introduced 3 new double-decker coaches. AHH2099 (MAN 24.400/Executive Class), AHH3099 (unidentified chassis/class configuration) and AHH5099 (Scania K124EB/Super VIP Deluxe class) were assembled by Scomi Coach and are currently deployed on services originating from Singapore.

Cepat Ekspres – MAN 18.360

Another of Cepat Ekspres’ ‘fatigue-route’ that operates between Melaka and Rantau Panjang, was also given a fleet upgrade recently. Two Super-VIP class MAN 18.360 coaches were deployed, replacing two Mercedes-Benz OH1627L coaches. Another similar route, Melaka-Kota Bharu is still being operated on the older Super-VIP coaches.

AB Express – Sksbus DA12-380 KCV3388

AB Express has put the second sksbus DA12-380 double-decker coach on revenue service. The coach is registered as KCV3388. Look out for an introductory article on this chassis soon on Jom Naik Bas!

AB Express – Sksbus DA12-380 KCT1188

One of Malaysia’s largest coachwork and bus bodybuilding company, Sksbus, has rolled out the first Made-in-Malaysia integral double-decker coach chassis. Known as DA12-380, the first unit was delivered to launch customer AB Express, one of the double-decker coach operators in Malaysia. The DA12-380 is part of Sksbus’ Modular Integral Chassis Series (MICS) that includes the hugely popular CP11-LW single-deck coach. DA12-380, which essentially stands for Double Axle, also comes in a high-decker version, aptly coded SA12-380 (Single Axle, 12-metres, 380PS). AB Express have commissioned the second DA12-380 unit last week, decked in a never-before-seen chocolate scheme. The second unit is registered as KCV3388.

Alisan Golden Coach – MAN 24.460 A81

Another Golden Diamond’s double-decker coach has been repainted to the Alisan Golden Coach livery. AGG6866 is more commonly found serving the Kuala Lumpur-Hatyai service.

Konsortium Bas Ekspres – Hino RM2KSKA

The prospects of operating Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) has prompted Konsortium Bas Ekspres (KBES) to retrofit one of it’s Hino RM2KSKA, registered JHM9688, with compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks. The trial which began recently, may pave way for more such buses in KBES’ fleet. JHM9688 is currently deployed on the Kuala Lumpur-Kamunting route.

Five Stars Tours – Scania K380EB

As reported on Jom Naik Bas! previously, Five Stars Tours is rapidly replacing its current fleet of coaches, from the basic Super-VIP class to the luxurious Executive Class buses. Two units of ‘SC Double Deck’ coaches has been introduced recently, a one-for-one replacement of two Executive Coach high-deckers assembled by Soon Chow Corporation. These Executive Class coaches are active on the Singapore-Genting Highlands-Singapore service.

Shamisha Express – Scania K124EB 420

Pictured above is WTX59, one of the latest Scania K124EB double-deckers in Shamisha Express’ fleet. The Sksbus-assembled coach is fitted with 45 seats in a Super-VIP class configuration and is one of the coaches that are not deployed to a fixed route.

Shamisha Express – MAN 24.400 A81

Another operator has become the latest to introduce Master-Defence Technologies (MASDEF) double-decker. Shamisha Express has opted to fit the double-decker body on the MAN 24.400 chassis, configured in a Super-VIP class configuration. PJS59 is mainly deployed on the Penang-Kota Bharu route.

Aeroline – Scania K124EB 420

Aeroline has introduced its latest batch of triaxle double-deckers, complete with new facilities for the comfort of its passengers. The newest double-deckers comes fitted with personal entertainment systems and offers passengers a more personalised entertainment feature during their journey. These buses are deployed on most of its existing routes from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Singapore. Jom Naik Bas! understands that Aeroline has plans to retrofit their existing fleet of coaches with the new personal TV systems.

First Coach – MAN 18.360 A82

After repeated attempts to document this elusive machine, Jom Naik Bas! has finally succeeded in hunting down First Coach’s latest coach from Intercoach Coachbuilders. Built on the Euro-III compliant MAN 18.360 chassis, only two units have so far been rolled out for revenue service, WTM2630 and WTM2636. If you are travelling from Singapore to Bandar Utama or Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, be sure to enquire with the counter for this bus if you wish to have a ride on these brand-new machines. First Coach is planning to introduce as many as 10 units of these coaches progressively in the coming months, replacing the Scania K114IB coaches currently in operation. Jom Naik Bas! extends its appreciation and thanks to the staff of Global Holidays The Plaza and the crew of WTM2636 for their assistance.

Five Stars Express – Nissan JA452S

The Super VIP Deluxe class coaches has proved popular with passengers, evident with the new introduction of Scomi Coach-built Nissan JA452S in Singapore. With a seating capacity for 24 passengers, these coaches will ply popular routes from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Penang and Melaka, amongst others.

Starmart Express – Scania K420EB

Starmart Express has become the fourth operator in Malaysia to operate the newly-launched Scania K420EB chassis, part of the fifth-generation of K-series bus chassis. Registered AHF6, the sparkling double-decker is now operated on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore route, alongside three other double-deckers; AGY6, AHC6 and BKS6.

Unititi Express – Nissan JA452S

Generally considered as the incumbent operator to Cameron Highlands, Unititi Express recently rolled out a new coach assembled by Pioneer Coachbuilders. The new bodywork is also new to our database of photos.

SKS-KL – Daewoo BV120MA CNG

Apart from investing in 5 brand-new double-decker buses, SKS-KL has also invested in more CNG-powered single-deckers, in its commitment to bring in more environmentally buses into service. The single-decks are assembled by sksbus on the new Ci09 bodywork.

Pacific Express Super Coach – Nissan JA452S

Perak-based Pacific Express has introduced another 2 Super Coaches into its fleet. The Nissan JA452S coaches are operated rotationally between Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Butterworth. Pacific Express is a Transtar Express affiliate.

707 Travel Group JB Central Line – Dennis Dart

Previously unseen on 707 Travel Group’s Service A1 which plies between Senai Airport and Larkin Sentral is this newly refurbished Dennis Dart. Receiving a rather new registration JMJ4604, it is believed that this unit was previously operated by Triton Commuter Sdn Bhd.

Cepat Ekspres – MAN 18.360 A82

Following a series of economy-class coaches, Segamat-based Cepat Ekspres is now rolling out its latest batch of Super-VIP single-deckers by Sksbus. JMD9911 is among the first in the latest batch to be in revenue service, currently operating on the ‘fatigue-route’ from Johor Bahru to Rantau Panjang via Segamat, Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bahru.

Konsortium Pelancongan Bumiputera (KPB Ekspres) – Nissan JA452S

Don’t mistake this new high-decker coach as Sri Maju! KPB Ekspres of Penang has just introduced this Yohan Coachbuilders-assembled Super-VIP coach on the Penang-Butterworth-Johor Bahru route.

KKKL Express – Sksbus CP11-LW

Another unit of the increasingly popular Sksbus CP11-LW coaches, JMJ7499, makes its debut on the nightly Melaka-Parit Buntar-Butterworth-Penang service.

Golden Sweet Memory (GSM Holidays) – MAN 24.400 HOCLN A81

Genting Highlands is also seeing the regular appearance of PJR2128 of GSM Holidays, which is the first in house-designed double-decker coach assembled by Master-Defence Technologies (MASDEF). The Super-VIP class coach seats 42 passengers and could be equipped with a Wi-Fi service. The coach is currently deployed on the Penang-Genting service.

Persada Ekspres – Hino RM2KSKA

The Penang-Genting service has received a new bus for the route, assembled by Terengganu-based Sumai Engineering on the Hino RM2KSKA chassis.

Meridian Holidays – Mercedes-Benz CBC1725

New to the colourful fleet is this high-decker coach built by Link Prosper LP Jaya Coachbuilders. It is deployed to all destinations served by the Skudai-based operator, including Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

KKKL Express – Sksbus CP11-LW Euro-III

KKKL Express have rolled out another 2 units of the CP11-LW integral modular chassis manufactured by Sksbus. JMJ5099 is one of them and deployed on the Batu Pahat-Kota Bharu route.

Shamisha Holiday & Express – Hino RK & Nissan JA452S

KCN3359 is a Hino RK deployed on the daily Melaka-Butterworth-Kulim route. The new service departs Melaka Sentral at 9pm.

DBQ7359, a Nissan JA452S assembled by Pioneer Coachbuilders, is deployed on the Johor Bahru-Kuala Terengganu-Kota Bharu service, departing in the evenings.

Delima Ekspres – Sksbus CJ8-TKE Euro-III

Other than the popular monocoque CP11-LW chassis, the CJ8-TKE is also being offered by Sksbus as an integral product. Delima Ekspres is one of the latest to operate them, 2 of which were introduced just weeks ago. They were registered BKV1933 and BKV2933.

Ekspres Yakin BG – Scania K124EB 420

After hunting this bus for some time, luck was on our side that we  are now able to showcase this elusive double-decker. AGP2666 was formerly a Golden Diamond coach which served the Singapore-Hatyai service along with its sister, AGP9666. Both coaches were decommissioned from active service some time ago and subsequently served as a back-up bus for Transtar Express, the owner of these buses. In March this year, AGP9666 began to operate under the Lionstar Express brand, complete with a new livery. AGP2666, on the other hand, continued to operate for Transtar Express till late-April. In May 2010, it was spotted wearing the new Yakin BG Executive Express livery, confirming speculations and reports that we have received earlier. Unfortunately, we are still unable to confirm the exact service AGP2666 is operated on. Nevertheless, we will publish that information as soon as we are able to confirm it.

Meridian Holidays Express – Mercedes-Benz CBC1725

Meridian Holidays Express, known for its colourful and vibrant colour schemes, has rolled out a new bus decked in shades of pink. JLY7168 is a Mercedes-Benz CBC1725 coach assembled by Johor-based Perniagaan Badan Kenderaan Pandan. It was seen operating the Melaka-Johor Bahru-Singapore route, recently introduced by the operator. Sources from Meridian Holidays have indicated that more new buses are on the way to reach out to newer markets.

Golden Diamond Executive Coach – Nissan JA452S

The Strada bodywork assembled by Intercoach is enjoying increasing success as more operators chose the model for their new coaches. Golden Diamond is the very latest to roll-out their Strada coach, which is built on the Nissan JA452S chassis. The Strada bodywork which bears resemblance to the Neoplan Starliner high-decker touring coach is officially-licensed by Neoman GmbH. Among other operators that are currently operating the Stradas includes Lionstar Express, First Coach and Confidence Holidays. The Strada has even been sold to a tour coach operator in Hong Kong.

Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung – Nissan JA450S

Another unit has been spotted with the new livery in Singapore. This coach was repainted to the new livery just recently but has yellow letterings instead of black on the new buses.

Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung – Nissan JA452S

A new bus and a new corporate livery. What better way to launch a new livery than on a new bus. Seen here at Terminal Bukit Jalil is AHE8011, a Nissan JA452S fresh from the Super Trans Marketing assembly plant in Kamunting, Perak.

Causeway Link – Dennis Dart

Spotted in Johor Bahru recently is this ex-Triton Dennis Dart, repainted to Causeway Link’s corporate livery. The Dennis Dart is one of the many ex-Triton buses that was acquired by Handal Indah for their expansion in Johor and Klang Valley.

KKKL Express – Sksbus CP11-LW

New to KKKL Express diverse fleet of single-deckers are 2 Sksbus CP11-LW Euro-3 coaches. Seen here is JMD2799, one of the 2 coaches that has been permanently deployed on the Singapore-Hatyai service.

Jengka Liner – MAN 18.313

Expansion phase for Jengka Liner as it adds new buses into its ageing fleet. Among the latest to enter service are these MAN 18.313 coaches, assembled by Scomi Coach and Gemilang Coachwork.

CCN2239 which was assembled by Gemilang is now deployed on the Bandar Pusat Jengka to Manjung route. The service also have stops at Temerloh, Kuala Selangor, Sungai Besar, Hutan Melintang, Teluk Intan and Lumut. The bus will depart Bandar Pusat Jengka at 9.30am whereas the return trip from Manjung leaves at 9.30pm. A bit of trivia on this particular unit – it was initially an exhibition unit for Hong Kong operators to evaluate.

The Scomi Coach-assembled WTT2239 is new to Jengka Liner’s Kuala Terengganu route. The service which also starts from Bandar Pusat Jengka will make stops at Temerloh, Maran, Kuantan and Dungun.

Express Kesatuan – Nissan JP251S

Express Kesatuan recently deployed its newest coach on the Kuala Lumpur-Hatyai route. Assembled by Pioneer Coachbuilders on its hugely popular PCB-08 “Dragoes” bodywork model, WTP1299 is built on the Nissan JP251S chassis.

Mara Liner – Hino RK1JSL

This looks like a season for operators to replace their current fleet of buses, Mara Liner being no exception. The established interstate and stage bus operator has rolled out more new buses on the roads. WTH1789 is a Hino RK1JSL with a Scomi Coach bodywork, newly deployed to the Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur route.

Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung – Nissan JA452S

A famous household name when it comes to interstate express bus companies, Konsortium Bas Ekspres Semenanjung, or fondly known as KBES, is also undergoing a gradual fleet replacement exercise. One of the newer buses in the fleet is AHC9022, a Nissan JA452S assembled by Super Trans Marketing. Super Trans is a major bus bodies supplier to KBES and have assembled several other bodywork designs that includes its unique Vin Classic double-deckers specially commissioned from Thailand.

Shamisha Holidays Express – Sksbus CP11-LW

Known for its bright and vibrant colour schemes of any companies in Malaysia, Shamisha Holidays Express is currently embarked on an expansion plan. Apart from exploring new markets and destinations, it is also gradually introducing newer buses into its fleet of executive buses. Seen here is KCQ3359, one of the latest single-deck coach by Sksbus built on its flagship CP11-LW chassis. KCQ3359 is usually deployed from Kuala Lumpur to the northern towns like Alor Setar.

Shira Coach – Sksbus CP11-LW

Another new player in the industry is Shira Coach, which operates on the cross-border Hatyai service. Using their brand-new Euro-3 certified Sksbus CP11-LW (P11C) coach, the operator serves Hatyai from Klang, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. For information on the service, contact Shira Coach at Tel: 074-354 3978.

Ekspres Sepakat Liner – Hino RM1ESKU

This new Perak-based operator has added another bus to its fleet. The Scomi-built Hino RM1ESKU buses are operated on the Lumut-Manjung-Teluk Intan-Kuala Lumpur service.

Causeway Link – Volvo B7R

Another new stuff by Causeway Link, this time on its cross-border service CW2 which plies between Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru, and Queen Street Terminal in Singapore. Three new Volvo B7Rs with QBC Coachworks bodywork have entered service recently. Like the Nissan JA450S currently deployed on the Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur route, these buses were ex-Triton Express machines.

Causeway Link – Dennis Dart and Dennis Lance

Causeway Link is set to become the next major player in the stage bus market in the Klang Valley as it rolls out more buses for their new services there. Just recently, ex-Triton buses have been spotted wearing Causeway Link titles at the Klang Bus Station in Klang. Jom Naik Bas! understands that these buses will be refurbished and eventually put into service at other districts in Selangor. Hopefully with the entrance of Causeway Link, commuters will soon enjoy better public bus services.

Go Genting Express (Resorts World Tours) – MAN 18.400 A82

With the rebranding of Genting Highlands Resort to Resorts World Genting, their express buses have also undergone a livery change to reflect the new identity. Spotted at 1 Utama Shopping Mall is this Scomi-bodied MAN 18.400 in the new livery, which bears similarities to Resorts World Sentosa buses.

Genting Transport – Scania L113CRL

The following bus may not be new on the roads, but it has received a new bodywork. At least 2 buses in the Genting Transport fleet has been spotted with the new Gemilang “Lion’s City” bodywork, one of them seen here just before departure from Hentian Pekeliling.

Lionstar Express Classic – Scania K124EB 420

After being reported missing for some time, our roving PhotoCrews have at last spotted AGP9666 at Hentian Puduraya. Now sporting the Lionstar Express livery, the coach has been rebranded as Classic. However, its interior have been retained since its Golden Diamond days with the exception of the personal entertainment systems which have been removed. AGP9666 is now deployed on the Kuala Lumpur-Johor Bahru service as well as Melaka-Penang trip. Its sister AGP2666 have also been spotted recently with the Golden Diamond titles stripped. Jom Naik Bas! understands that the bus will also undergo a refurbishment and a new livery will be applied.

Starmart Express AirAsia Liner – Scania K124EB 420

Seen here at Hentian Puduraya also is AGY6, one of two brand-new double-deckers in Starmart Express’ fleet. The bus is spotted just before its run to Ipoh.

Five Stars Express – Scania K124EB 420

Another major express bus operator has chosen sksbus for its latest double-decker. Five Stars Express has commissioned this Scania K124EB coach, registered as AHA6166 just weeks ago. This is the second double-decker from Sksbus for the operator and seen here on the downroute service from Genting Highlands to Singapore.

Selat Keris Ekspres – MAN 18.370

The Johor-based operator have acquired a double-decker for its Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur service. This MAN 18.370 coach was formerly operated by Aeroline.

Alisan Golden Coach – MAN 24.400 A81

After being absorbed into the Star Coach Group, Alisan Express was rebranded as Alisan Golden Coach. To portray its new branding, many of its buses have undergone a livery change, including AGH8837. Seen here at Hentian Puduraya, AGH8837 waits for passengers for the morning trip to Hatyai in southern Thailand.

Konsortium eMutiara – MAN 24.400 A81

While many operators chose Scania for their double-deckers, one major operator to the East Coast opted for MAN 24.400 for their double-deckers. Konsortium eMutiara has specifically deployed their 2 brand-new double-deckers decked in gold and orange on the Kuala Terengganu-Kuala Lumpur route.

Causeway Link Express – Nissan JA450S

These ex-Triton Express machines have been given a new lease of life with its new owner, Causeway Link Express. Fresh from being refurbished, these QBC-assembled coaches are now operating on the Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur route.

Perdana Ekspres – Sksbus CP11-LW

Not wanting to be left out with its competitors, the Kota Bharu-based Perdana Ekspres has launched 2 new single-deckers on its flagship route between the capital and the northeastern state of Kelantan.

Mega Jaya Ekspres – Hino RM2KSKA

Adorned in the bright pink livery is WTB8775, one of only 2 buses in Mega Jaya Ekspres fleet. This new start-up operator is now serving the Kajang to Kuala Terengganu route with stops at Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur (Hentian Putra) and Kuala Berang.

Konsortium Melayu Klang – Scania K380IB

An unexpected turn of events saw this double-decker, originally destined for Super Nice Express, changing hands and passed on to a new owner. Konsortium Bas Ekspres Melayu (Klang) is now operating 2 such buses between Klang and Penang via Shah Alam, Ipoh and Butterworth.

Orange Coach – Scania K380EB

Jom Naik Bas! brings you the first image of the third and latest addition in the Orange Coach fleet, PA7792G. Although this bus has been in operation for quite some time, it received the Orange Coach livery only recently. An image of the same bus in the previous colour scheme can be viewed further down this page.

Orange Coach now has three daily departures between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur – 0800, 1400 and 2000 hours.

Orkid Malaysia Ekspres – Hino AK

New to Orkid Malaysia fleet is this new Hino AK bus on the LP Jaya 1001/09 bodywork. Seen here while on a layover at Melaka Sentral, the bus is deployed on the Kluang-Batu Pahat-Muar-Melaka route and departs Melaka Sentral at 8am daily.

707 Travel Group

Isuzu LV771

This bus may have looked familiar to some of you. The high-decker coach built by Ruby Coachworks has been acquired by 707 Travel Group recently. Prior to 707, this coach had been operated by several operators, including Multazam Travel and Yellow Express, and previously bears the registration JJS8801. JLV6707 is now operating from Singapore to several destinations in Malaysia, such as Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.


Another familiar unit sighted is this ex-Sani Express Hino, which was also acquired recently by 707 Travel Group. WQC3706 is seen here just before its departure to Melaka from the Ban San Street Terminal.

Pacific Express – Nissan JA452S

Another member of Transtar Express Group has begun services between Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Two units of the Super Coach buses are now operating for Pacific Express, with bodywork provided by Yip Thong Deluxe Coach.

Shira Transliner/Sri Theven Express – Nissan JP251S

A joint venture between Shira Transliner and Sri Theven Express was launched recently with the service commencement of their new coach. The 31-seater executive coach is deployed on the Klang-Shah Alam-Johor Bahru service, which coincidentally is Shira Transliner’s flagship route.

88 Lapan Lapan Roadways Express – Volvo B7R

A rare gem. This Gemilang “Lionstar” coach is the only one in the fleet adorning the orange livery. Note the Lion graffiti on the nearside of the coach, which has been deployed as a standby bus based at the Singapore office. If you have been on this rare coach, Jom Naik Bas! would like you to send us a review on your ride. Send in the review to

Meridian Holidays Express – Mercedes-Benz CBC1725

New to the fleet of the Johor-based operator is the Mercedes Benz CBC1725 single-decker coach, which is also the first in the fleet that received the sksbus e128 bodywork. The coach is currently operating on the Johor Bahru-Kuala Lumpur-Johor Bahru route.

Pahang South Union Omnibus – Scania K124IB

Unknown to many, Pahang South Union Omnibus operates twice daily services between Singapore and Bentong, via Johor Bahru, Triang, Temerloh and Mentakab. They recently acquired WMA2701, an ex-First Coach bus which is now operating to Singapore.

Alisan Golden Coach Express – Nissan JA452S

Also recently introduced into the fleet are the Nissan JA452s coaches, with bodywork assembled by Sin Hock Leong Coachbuilders. Pictured is WSJ8686 that is now operated on the daily Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Sungai Siput-Kuala Kangsar service.

Alisan Golden Coach Express – Hino RM2KSKA

Alisan has replaced the daily morning trip to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang with the 18-seater Golden Diamond single-deck coach. Seats are of the cocoon type and can be reclined like a sleeper bed. However, each seat does not come equipped with personal TVs.

Eltabina Express – Nissan JA452S and Scania K124EB

This established operator is now operating its new Scania K124EB double-deckers on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur and the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh route. A popular company among the commuters, as evident from the pictures – 2 double-deckers and a single-decker all leaving for Kuala Lumpur at the same time.

SE Super Ekspres – Hino RM2KSKA

One of the few operators that operates between Singapore and Klang in Selangor, this service by SE Super Ekspres also stops at Seremban and Kuala Lumpur. Contact Grassland Express for ticketing in Singapore.

707 Travel Group – Scania K380EB

The Singapore-arm of 707 Travel Group has introduced its latest high-decker coach, built on the Scania K380EB chassis. The Soon Chow Coachworks-assembled coach serves the Singapore-Genting route.

WTS Travel CEO Gold Cruiser – Scania K380EB

Singapore-based WTS Travel recently acquired a Scania K380EB double-decker coach for its CEO Gold Cruiser coach service. This is WTS Travel’s third double-decker coach, after the similar looking CEO Platinum Deluxe coaches. PC6556T was formerly operated by Citiexchange Express, and currently serves the Genting Highlands route.

Orange Coach – Scania K380EB

The popular Orange Coach service has added a third bus to its fleet, operated by its affiliate HZ Travel. The bus was refurbished recently and fitted with Orange Coach’s signature seats.

Ekspres Durian Burung – Scania K380IB

DBL1000 and DBL2000 are two of 4 new Skyliners introduced recently. These buses can be seen operating on the Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur-Alor Setar-Kuala Perlis route albeit temporarily.

Transnasional Skyview – MAN 24.400 A81

The high-capacity double-decker, the Skyview by Ekspres Transnasional makes its debut to the northern states. The operator have put the Skyviews into service on the Kuala Lumpur-Jitra-Changloon-Kangar-Kuala Perlis route.

Mara Liner – Hino RM1ESKU

Mara Liner is another operator that have also launched their new coach on the Kuala Lumpur-Alor Setar route.

Ekspres Pancaran Matahari – Scania K380IB

Commuters to Alor Setar are among the luckiest as a number of operators introduced their latest acquisitions on the route. Ekspres Pancaran Matahari have just launched its newest double-decker on its flagship route between Kuala Lumpur and Alor Setar.

Plusliner – Nissan JP251S

Carrying the company’s new livery, the new Plusliner coach is now operating on the Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur route, alongside its double-decker Xtreme sisters.

Sri Indah – Sksbus CP11-LW

Sri Indah operates regular services between Kuala Lumpur and Kajang in Selangor. They recently introduced its newest coach which also carries the operator’s new livery. The Sksbus P11C coach conforms to the Euro-2 emission standards.

Ekspres Transnasional Club Class – Nissan JP251S

The Club Class service has been introduced on the Melaka to Kuantan via Bahau and Temerloh service, with the deployment of the Nissan JP coach on the route.

Cepat Sedia Express – Hino RM1ESKU

Another Cepat, this time Cepat Sedia Express, have introduced its newest single-deck coach on the Johor Bahru-Melaka-Kuala Lumpur-Butterworth-Penang route. The Hino RM1ESKU coach is fitted with the Sksbus e128i bodywork and has a maximum horsepower of 390bhp.

Cepat Ekspres – MAN 18.360 A82

Fresh from the Sksbus assembly plant is Cepat Ekspres’ newest single-deck coach, built on the MAN 18.360 chassis. JLT7711 is currently operating on the Pontian to Kota Bharu route, with stops at Mersing and Kuala Terengganu.

Cosmic Express Mesra Rakyat – Scania K380IB

Cosmic Express launches their latest double-deckers. Three new fifth-generation Scania K380IB coaches are now in operation, the first of its kind in Malaysia.

More pictures can be viewed on our official Facebook page.


  1. Also recently introduced into the fleet are the Nissan JA452s coaches, with bodywork assembled by Sin Hock Leong Coachbuilders. Pictured is WSJ8686 that is now operated on the daily JOHOR JAYA-Kuala Lumpur-Sungai Siput-Kuala Kangsar service.

  2. Hi Ah Boy.

    The service may have to make a stop at Johor Jaya, but it starts the trip from Singapore. The information we had was given by the driver of the bus itself.

  3. but,
    the driver tell me that WSJ 8686 did’t have permit go to sg leh…

  4. Shamisha Bus Express from Penang Sungai Nibong is really bad in service and timing. I buy bus tiket for 9pm but have to wait until 12am at Butterworth and have another bus change at Kulim again.

  5. Hi Angry Student.

    Sorry to know about your bad experience. Let’s hope that that incident is an isolated one and should not happen again.

  6. to angry student, try our service (City exp/cepatsedia) From b,worth to KL, KLG, SBN, MLK and J.B. hope you enjoy.

  7. kepada jom naik bas!, sy ingin mbuat pmbetulan, bas city express/cepatsedia spt gambar d’ats hnya dgunakn sbg bas gntian skiranya bas yg lain rosak/servis (JLU2882, JLU1881, JLS9988-DD & JLT3596-DD) laluan tetap bagi gmbar d’atas adalah J.B-K.L-K.Perlis. MLK-K.Perlis (JLJ1555) MLK-Penang(JLJ3598).

  8. Pelanggan dhargai, city exp/cepatsedia mengadakan promosi perjalanan dari KLG-S.Alam-JB brmula pada 1 Mac Hingga 31 julai

    Setiap Hari/Daily
    RM30 KLG ke JB (dewasa/adult)
    RM19.00 KLG ke JB (kanak-kanak/children)
    RM19.00 KLG ke JB (warga emas/OKU)
    sekiranya anda mmbeli 4tiket ke J.B, 3tiket berharga RM90 + 1tiket berharga RM19 sahaja.

    8tiket ke JB berharga RM240, kami akn berikan 1tiket secara percuma!! =9tiket

    utk mmdapatkan promosi ini, sila ke kaunter No.8 di Klang sentral dan kaunter No.4 di sek. 17 s.alam (bawah pokok besar). *pakej hanya boleh didapati di kaunter Klang sentral sahaja. Tertakluk terma & syarat.
    Berikan lebih nilai pada wang anda!! terima kasih.

  9. Kaunter Klang Sentral

    kaunter S.Alam sek.17

  10. Hey Jom Naik Bas! i’m thinking of booking a singapore chartered coach to malaysia and i would like to ask for your opinion.. there’s this oncoming favourites for this coach named SC CHIVALROUS. i look at the coach and its big. What coach is this and what do u think should i book it?

  11. Hi Daniel.

    “SC Chivalrous” refers to the bodywork model of the bus, manufactured by SC Auto Industries. There various operators in Singapore which operates the bus, and usually built on the Isuzu chassis. Seats are of the usual high-back coach seats and configured in a ‘2+2′ seating arrangement. We think it’s a very comfortable bus and should be worth your trip. However, it’s best to charter Super-VIP class buses with the ‘2+1′ seating arrangement for longer distances such as KL, Genting and beyond.

  12. haha thanks for it, but im still confused by the coach difference. why i saw some coaches engines are from even from MAN, volvo, Scania K-series & Isuzu engines. How am i going to difference the coach? o.O”

  13. Hi Daniel.

    Most buses will have its make and emblem on the front of the bus. There are, however, those that can’t be identified that easily. Checking with the owner will help you identify the make of the bus.

  14. May I ask whether the new Lionstar Classic,have toilets in it?

  15. Hi Ivan.

    The Lionstar Classic coach does not have any toilets onboard.

  16. wanna know, any bus go to Genting direct from JB-Larkin? How much is the price per head? If possible, can send me the schedule also?

  17. Hi honeybunny.

    It’s not known if there are regular buses from Larkin itself, but there are such trips that depart from Merlin Tower near the railway station and City Square. 707 Travel Group operates on this route. Perhaps you could give them a call to check on the prices and departures.

    G22, Ground Floor, Merlin Tower,
    Jalan Meldrum, 80000, Johor Bahru
    Tel : (607) 276-7707 Fax : (607) 276-6707

  18. City Express ke utara (Dr Melaka ke SP ) tak ?….guna bas apa
    type,single/double dek ?…… selesa tak ?

  19. hey.. is there any bus i can get to get to mersing from pontian within 5 hours??

  20. Hi yan.

    We are not aware of any direct bus connections between Mersing and Pontian. The best alternative is to hop on a bus to Johor Bahru and transfer to an express bus to Mersing. Some of the express bus that serves JB-Mersing are Transnasional, Maju and Causeway Link. We are sorry as we are unable to guarantee that you will be able to reach the destination in 5 hours.

  21. ada, bas dari muar, melaka dan direct ke sp… mmg xmasuk KL mcm dlu…. lagi 1 kite da bagi bas yang pkai air suspension… klu nk tengok dalan bas city exp, taip je untuk tgk sahaje k…………. ho3

  22. Mr.Cityexp..bas Cepatsedia dari K.Perlis ke JB dan melaka pukul berapa? Ada pakai bas Hino RM ke? selalu nampak bas Hino RK spring je kat K.Perlis…

  23. Is there any VIP bus from KL to K.Terengganu? Please reply me asap! Thank You.

  24. Hi Wong.

    Buses to Terengganu will depart from Hentian Putra, which is adjacent to Putra World Trade Centre and just a 5 mins walk from PWTC LRT Station.

    Transnasional, Konsortium eMutiara, Sani, Konsortium Bas Ekspres (KBES), Mega Jaya, Adik Beradik are just some of the operators on this route. Of them, KBES, Sani, Mega Jaya and Adik Beradik deploys the more luxurious coaches (‘2+1′ seater Super VIP-class).

  25. en tomoi, sila lihat betol2 ya…. bas JLU1881 dan JLU2882 menggunakkan enjin rm1esku.. Trip perjalanan adalah 4.30pm dari kuala perlis… tapi xtau la kalau rm1 kitorg pakai spring…. special kes or salah pandang????? dah terbukti selesa….

  26. opssss.. lagi 1 syarikat cepatsedia nie guna corak, warna dan bentuk yang sama bagi bas yang baru… jadi mungkin anda tidak perasan kami menggunakn rm1esku kerana kebanyakkan bas kami adlah hino rk & ak.. ada juga hino china yg mnggunakan air suspension dan scania 420… dan kami juga akan menyusul dengan high deck….;.

  27. Mr.Cityexp..bas JLU1881 dan JLU2882 tu memang trip tetap dia 4.30ptg dr K.Perlis ke? sorri la saya tak perasan sebab selalu jumpa yang JLDxxxx tu.. so high deck baru nanti guna bas apa?

  28. trip bas HINORM1ESKU yg sebenarnya jln mana? pagi2 selalu nmpk kat melaka sentral??

  29. JLU 1881 & JLU 2882 Bermula dari…
    Maaf.. High Deck ini Dirahsiakan sehingga bas berkenaan berada di jalan raya.. Semoga anda memahami…. Yang Pagi² dari MC adalah Hino RK1JKA perjalanan ke K.Perlis… JLD 2666…. Hino RM1ESKU hanya digunakan bg perjalanan malam bagi keselesaan penumpang….

  30. Anyway, Terima Kasih Kepada anda yng memberikan komen thadap pkhidmatan kami… kami mengalakkan lebih bnyak kritikan dan pandangan dari anda untuk memperbaiki kelemahan syarikat kami…

  31. Click This Link for City express info………

  32. 4/6/10… syarikat kami akan mengadakan cabutan bertuah bagi penumpang cepat sedia/city express di kawasan klang & s.alam. Cabutan akan dijalankan bagi laluan melaka & muar (8 p.m), J.bharu (10.30 p.m), B’worth & P.Pinang (9.30 p.m) bagi bulan jun 2010… terima kasih.. “Kemesraan kami menemani perjalanan anda”


  34. AFC 2222 by Transtar Express is a Mercedes V8 has been sold and is now operating daily from Golden Mile Complex to Hatyai at 7pm. Transtar livery is no more there but the coach still remain in its previous colour that is silver.

    One of Transtar Express newest coach is PC55C a Scania 420 Euro-4 Engine. It operate as Solitaire and normally depart Hock Seng Terminal at 715 or 745 am to Genting.

  35. Hi Eric.

    Thank you for sharing the information with us. However, we’d like to rectify the information.

    AFC2222 is not a Mercedes V8. It was operating under the ThaiStar name after being disposed of Transtar’s fleet. However, it was again spotted in KL recently wearing the ‘Super Coach’ titles. We believe it has ceased operating the Singapore-Hatyai service, and currently serves the domestic services in Malaysia.

    The actual registration is PC55L. It is a Euro IV Scania K380EB coach, not 420 like its pre-Euro IV sisters.

  36. nak tanya..
    dri bkit jalil ada x bas pergi ke
    alor star..
    tp snoozer seat??
    brapa harga dia..??

  37. Hi Syah92.

    Khidmat sedemikian tidak diketahui wujud untuk perjalanan antara Kuala Lumpur dan Alor Setar.

  38. I am very very disappointed with the service of Alisan Express. Read what happened to me at

  39. may i know have any express bas company from Ipoh to Dungun / Kuala Terenganu .

  40. Hi Ho.

    Nini Ekspres and Cepat Ekspres may still operate the Ipoh-Kuala Terengganu route. You may want to check with the operators for more information.

    Nini Ekspres – 09-623 1018
    Cepat Ekspres – 09-623 0623

    Hope that helps.

  41. Between Cosmic Express and Pancaran Matahari which is more comfortable?

  42. The new KBES with Super Trans bodyworks has a GPS installed in it…..KBES should replace its old current fleet for more safe and convenient buses….

    Juz took KBES from K.L-S’pore,oh my the bus was in bad condition…roaring engine n vibrate through 5 hr journey……wHAT the HACK!!!!!

  43. Hi fiq antonov85.

    We understand that all KBES buses are fitted with the GPS system, and not only the newer ones.

  44. bas mesra liner service xbagus..kepada mesra liner pemandu bas dari seremban ke perlis..custumer is always right..kalo x buat apa kami beli tiket bas kalo layanan x bagus??ingat tu…

  45. i would like to ask.
    As Five Stars is purchasing new fleet like AHA6166 (Tri-axle) and AGY6966 (Dual-axle), whatever happened to the oldies like AFB8133 and JHV8188? Could not see them nowadays.

  46. Hi Kah Weng.

    AFB8133 is now a Bas Catar with Kiffah Travel & Tours. Its sister AFB8233 is also sold to Kiffah Travel & Tours, but operated as a Bas Persiaran.

    We understand that JHV8188 has been repainted into LPMS livery and is doing the Teluk Intan-KL and Teluk Intan-JB/Singapore trips.

  47. To Jom Naik Bus!

    Thanks, i got it now.
    Coz i did not see 8188 in sg often compared to 8288.
    Just to update here, Golden Diamond as gotten a new fleet. It’s an Isuzu bus and it’s co-owned by Kuala Yakin.

  48. To Jom Naik Bas!

    Thank you for your info. It has been a long while since i seen them.
    Meantime, Golden Diamond has acquired a new coach and is co-owned by Kuala Yakin S/B.
    Here is the picture:

  49. gambar bas eramesra tak dapat pun dalam list ini. bas yang terkenal bagi perjalanan dari shah alam / klang ke bagan serai, parit buntar dan kulim.

  50. Hi

    This a good blog

    I would like to know the way Can I contact agent coach in Malaysia

    Now I have many many group tour go to Malaysia , Singapore , I’m agent tour in Hatyai , Thailand

    and booking Genting Highland so hard

    if you know the way I can do

    help me pls

    thank you

  51. Hi POP.

    We have a list of tour bus companies from Malaysia and Singapore. You may find some background information as well the necessary contacts within their website. Just scroll to the right of this page and find them under the “Tour Bus Operators” banner.

  52. please allow me to dieatels about suspension air bellows leaf springand kpl(km/liter)oherwise coach is very nice

  53. overall the coach is very nice perticular link rod bush system very good for BANGLADESH engine working space enough sitting capasity need to be 36no.

  54. Hi POP,

    You may contact Greenland Holidays our Company for coach and also package arrangement. This company has provide coach and tours for Hat Yai agents.

  55. Hi Pop,
    The contact details are as below.

  56. hi,

    i’m one of the supernice clerk at seremban…….wheres supernice bus picture?

  57. Hi Latifah.

    We have a picture of Supernice Express coach and can be found on our Facebook page. Be a fan and ‘Like’ our page!

  58. Hi,

    Is there any bus from Kota Bharu to Kuala Berang? How much is the cost for two ways ?

  59. Hi sarah105.

    Unfortunately, there are still no direct bus/coach services between Kota Bharu and Kuala Berang. The best alternative is to hop on an SP Bumi bus to Kuala Berang from Terminal Majlis Bandaran Kuala Terengganu (MBKT).

  60. hi i wanna go tioman island in bandar mersing…is there any direct bus to there???
    and how much is it?

  61. hi i wanna go to tioman island so i have to go to bandar mersing just wanna kow is there any direct bus to there.

  62. Hi Kaveh.

    Where do you intend to depart from?

  63. Hi From bukit jalil terminal coz its near to my hse.i’m living in serdang???

  64. Hi Kaveh.

    Transnasional has several departures daily from Terminal Bukit Jalil to Mersing.

  65. macam mane kalo sy nk cari tiket bas dari ipoh ke kulim @ mana2 tempat berdekatan dkt
    kawasan kulim?

  66. i’m going to kl this friday afternoon and travelling with 2 young kids (age 4 & 10).i’ll like to give them a good experince in taking a public transportation coz all their lifes they’ve been riding a car only.plz advice which bus express should i take..tx a million

  67. sori forget to mention i’m travelling from JB to kl

  68. hi,i am bus owener ,i like your picture ,so please give me some picture for my buses & suggest site also

  69. thank you for yr suggestion…however the schedule trip with nice ++ clashed with my time so i’ve taken a bus ride with Maralinear which make my girls very very happy..the seats are very comfy and spacious..and the driver also is very nice.
    now for our next trip is from jb to lumut..any suggestion?
    tx for the help


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